Win WOOFi’s new BSC Supercharger NFT

Win WOOFi’s new BSC Supercharger NFT

The next installment in the WOOFi Wizard NFT series is here, and we’re stepping it up a gear, by giving you the chance to win this exclusive BSC Supercharger NFT!

Bringing you up to speed

WOOFi has set a precedent for pioneering products that sit at the cutting edge of DeFi innovation, and to showcase this we recently launched a limited-edition series of WOOFi NFTs, starting with the Polygon adventurer!More than 3000 of you have shown up and tested WOOFi’s cross-chain swap feature to earn yourselves an exclusive NFT, powered by the one and only Project Galaxy. But WOOFi innovation doesn’t sleep, and that means more game-changing products, and more NFTs…

How to win the BSC Supercharger NFT

To showcase just how ‘ex-static’ we are about the release of WOOFi’s new Supercharger vault, a single-sided staking solution with *no* impermanent loss, we’re giving you the chance to earn a mean NFT that’s easy as 1, 2, 3!1. ‘Charge’ over to and connect your wallet to BNB Chain.

2. Select the BNB Supercharger vault, and deposit at least 0.1 BNB to start ‘amping’ up your earnings with zero impermanent loss.

3. Once you’ve completed the above steps, head over to our campaign page where you’ll be able to claim your very own BSC Supercharger NFT.

Campaign period: 00:00 UTC August 9th until further notice.

Already deposited 0.1 BNB or more into the Supercharger vault before this announcement? Congrats, you’re ahead of the game! Simply take a bow, and claim your NFT now.

To learn more about how the Supercharger vault works, including details of withdrawals and the settlement cycle, check out our docs.

Whispers of a WOOFi Wizard NFT

Any user who collects the BSC Supercharger NFT alongside the other NFTs in this series will qualify for a very special WOOFi Wizard NFT, reserved only for those who have demonstrated complete mastery of all WOOFi’s magical features. Graduates from WOOFi’s school of wizardry will also receive an exclusive role within the WOO Network Discord, and potentially some other exciting rewards in the future!

What are you waiting for? Be on your way, and start becoming a WOOFi wizard today!

Stay tuned for all of WOO Network’s exciting developments!

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