Why become a WOO X Lead Trader?

Take your rewards to the next level

  • Enjoy the industry's highest profit-sharing ratio, up to 20% as a Lead Trader, and 50% for Lead Trader +.
  • Instant upgrade of user tier for additional trading fee discounts.
  • Performance-based benefits, and tailored offer for KOL traders, including fixed monthly payment, trading fee rebates or a one-time bonus.

Exchanging insights and ideas

  • Gain access to curated trading strategies and performance data from professional traders.
  • Obtain exclusive access to a private Telegram group and interact with other top global lead traders.
  • Interact with others while maintaining complete anonymity via customizable privacy controls.

Global influence and exposure

  • First mover advantage in a young and fast growing community.
  • Enjoy increased exposure from highly curated content features, AMAs, and social media outreach.
  • Receive bespoke marketing and promotional support for enhanced personal branding.

Exclusive support

  • Access round-the-clock trading support.
  • Receive personalized assistance from an account manager to set up your lead trader account.

Plus-sized Benefits

Lead Trader + is a badge of honor representing our curated assembly of the best traders on WOO X. With a Plus (+) certification, these lead traders can expect to receive exclusive benefits that continue to grow over time.

  • Lead Traders

  • Max. profit share ratio20%
  • Max limit of copy users100
  • Potential to get seed funds
  • VIP trading fees
  • Boosted visibility among all Lead Traders
  • Extra marketing and promotional activities
  • Max. profit share ratio50%
  • Max limit of copy users1,000
  • Potential to get seed funds of min100,000+ USDT
  • VIP trading feesVIP5
  • Boosted visibility among all Lead Traders
  • Extra marketing and promotional activities
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How to become a Lead Trader?


Sign up for a WOO X copy trading account


Apply and submit your trading performance data

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Deposit and start trading!


What are the qualifications to become a Lead Trader?

To qualify as a Lead Trader, traders will have to demonstrate consistent profitability coupled with skillful risk management over the past 90-day period. Traders will have to submit their metrics such as PnL, ROI, Sharpe ratio, max drawdown, and win rate, along with screenshots for validation.

How does profit sharing work for Lead Traders?

Lead Traders receive a share of profits based on their trading performance daily, with profit-sharing ratios of up to 20%, and 50% for Lead Trader +. We employ a high-water mark mechanism, meaning profit sharing is only triggered when the Copier’s portfolio is in a profitable state, further enhancing trust and legitimacy.

What support and resources are available for Lead Traders?

Lead Traders can benefit from increased exposure from our highly curated content features, AMAs, social media outreach, and a highly bespoke marketing and promotion support. Our team also provides 24/7 trading support and assigns each Lead Trader an account manager to assist with account setup and ongoing support. Lead Traders will gain access to curated trading data, including insights on frequently traded symbols and overall portfolio trends from top traders. Plus, each Lead Trader will have their user tier upgraded by one tier for further trading fee discounts, such as moving from VIP 2 to VIP 3 trading fee tiers.

How can I apply to become a Lead Trader?

Applying to become a Lead Trader is simple. Just submit your trading performance data for the past 90 days, including key metrics and screenshots for validation. Once approved, you’ll need to deposit assets to your lead trader accounts. For existing users, simply providing your UID will be sufficient.

What are the requirements to become a Lead Trader + with a checkmark?

Lead Trader + enjoy exclusive benefits, including enhanced visibility and VIP trading fee tiers, etc. To qualify, traders must meet stringent criteria, including a minimum personal investment of $50,000 and proven success with backtest data for automatic trading strategies.

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