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Your social media followers deserve the best. Become a WOO X affiliate today and earn.

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Join the WOO X affiliate program!

Join the WOO X affiliate program!
Be part of the rapid growth of an exchange that genuinely focuses on traders by becoming a WOO X Affiliate! You deserve the most. Your followers deserves the best.
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Why Join the WOO X Affiliate program?

Commission of up to 60%
Earn up to 60% commission from users who sign up via your affiliate link and trade.
100% Transparency
Work with an exchange that focuses on trust, and doesn't compromise on transparency.
Collaboration with the best
Join a community of reputable and trusted partners that enhance your reputation, not undermine it.

Here’s what our WOO X affiliates can receive:

  • 24/7 Support Line
    You will have your own account manager to help you grow your commissions and community.
    24/7 Support Line
  • Rewards and Campaigns
    Build and manage your team with the best incentives available on the market.
    Rewards and Campaigns
  • Affiliate Dashboard
    Keep track of your earning in real-time
    Affiliate Dashboard
  • WOO Ecosystem
    Be part of a rapidly expanding ecosystem with a diverse set of products.
    WOO Ecosystem

Additional perks

  • WOO bonuses for when your referees stake and climb tiers
  • Feature in newsletters, educational content, and interactive Twitter spaces
  • Access to VIP events and merch

How does it work?

  • Step 1
    Submit your application
    Fill out the application form to apply, and we will review it. Once approved, we will reach out to you via Telegram or Email.
  • Step 2
    Spread the word about WOO X
    Invite your friends and community via your affiliate link.
  • Step 3
    Earn Commission
    Get up to 60% commission from your referred trading fees.
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