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Provide liquidity on WOO X to enjoy the lowest fees and other incentives
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How does it work?
DMMs earn weekly payouts for maintaining greater than 7.5% share of maker trading volume on all perpetual futures markets
Annual rewards pool allocation
DMM Dashboard
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Rewards this week
Rewards distribution
*Only maker volume from perps is eligible
What are the benefits of enrolling?
  • Competitive rewards pool
  • Trading flow from WOO X
  • 24/7 VIP account manager and technical support team
  • Access to other resources and benefits from working with WOO
How will the rewards be allocated?
Each week, the rewards will be allocated to those eligible for the week based on their maker volume contribution. To be eligible, the market maker must exceed a 7.5% share of perp maker volume on WOO X.
How to enroll to be a designated market maker?
The program is open to everyone. Market makers can click the 'Apply now' button on this page to submit their applications.
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