Wootrade integrates with HotBit to provide liquidity

Wootrade integrates with HotBit to provide liquidity

HotBit offers users a large variety of assets on their popular exchange. Wootrade will be ready to support them by giving access to their deep liquidity pools.

The Wootrade Network is pleased to announce HotBit’s integration with Wootrade’s liquidity network. HotBit is a top 3 exchange regarding the number of types of cryptocurrency projects listed, as well as boasting over 2 million users in more than 210 countries.

With such a large variety of assets listed, deep liquidity is essential for the trading experience of HotBit users. With Wootrade’s rapidly growing list of assets, and a peak daily trading volume of over $600 million, the integration will see HotBit able to ‘plug into’ Wootrade’s deep liquidity pools on main pairs, allowing the Wootrade Network to act as a key liquidity support.

This integration is part of Wootrade’s democratization of liquidity access, enabling HotBit to be able to freely access the network via API integration, immediately upgrade their order books to a depth deeper than the top exchanges, and tighten their bid/ask spread. With this deeper liquidity, HotBit users will be able to experience better and more fair market prices.

By supporting HotBit and providing their users with more liquidity and a better trading experience, Wootrade can in turn acquire more flow from trading activities on HotBit to benefit our own users and ecosystem, in a reciprocal relationship of liquidity. The two entities will continue to work together to improve the trading environment on both HotBit and the Wootrade Network.

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About Wootrade

Wootrade aims to provide deep liquidity and superior order execution at the lowest cost for traders, exchanges, institutions, and DeFi platforms. Wootrade was founded by Kronos Research, one of the top quantitative trading firms in the world generating $10–15 billion in daily trading volume, with the goal of democratizing access to the best-in-class liquidity, trading and yield generation strategies through various products.

*Note: Wootrade has rebranded to WOO Network since the publication of this article. Wootrade is now the name of the gateway used by institutional clients such as exchanges to access WOO Network’s liquidity to immediately upgrade their order books to a depth deeper than top exchanges and tighten their bid/ask spread.

About HotBit

Founded in 2018 and holding an Estonian MTR license, American MSB license, Australian AUSTRAC license, and Canadian MSB license. HotBit’s businesses cover more than 210 countries and areas, with its Trust Score ranked 9 points by CoinGecko as one of the world’s top 20 exchanges. Based on its globalized and unified strategies, HotBit continues to focus on the world’s emerging markets such as Russia, Turkey, and Southeast Asian markets. HotBit was ranked one of the top 3 most welcomed exchanges by Russian media in 2019.

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