WOO Force - What’s life like in the force?

WOO Force - What’s life like in the force?

Launched over a year ago, WOO Force is our community ambassadorship programme made up of like-minded individuals from all walks of life. Force members are more than just volunteers to us, they’re a key part of our larger WOO family banded together in a singular mission to drive mass awareness and adoption for $WOO.

With over 40 members spread around the world, it’s a highly diverse community with many stories to tell. Today, let’s hear more from 2 of our community members - Sarpik and ItsMrAlex2u!

Introduce yourself. What do you do for a living?

Sarpik: So my name is Kipras, I am 27 years old and I work as a private Aircraft technician.

ItsMrAlex2u: My name is Alex. I am ancient as far as the crypto industry is concerned, I’ve turned 50 this year and have worked in Finance all my career.

What are your interests or hobbies outside of crypto?

Sarpik: I adore all extreme sports, like trail bikes, snowboarding, wakeboarding, drift cars, and so on. If it gives me adrenaline, I'm in. And lastly, crypto of course.

ItsMrAlex2u: Hobbies? Can wine be a hobby? I live by the strapline that life is too short to drink cheap wine, and it's as close to a hobby as I can get.

What does your typical morning as a WOO Force member look like?

Sarpik: So I wake up at around 5:30 AM. While I eat my breakfast, I check all the spam on WOO’s Telegram group over the night, and ban all the bots.

I then check Twitter and Discord for any news that I shouldn't miss, and read other news sources which are related to crypto.

After that, it's a 7-16 hour working day. I often go to the gym later, then share trades within my friends group, discuss possibilities on the price levels that Bitcoin will go to, and try to find a tiny bit of time to learn something new about trading!

ItsMrAlex2u: Like most people probably, one of the first things I do when I wake up is reach for my phone and check on all things related to WOO. The WOO X mobile app is definitely one of the first things I hit on my phone every morning.

Lately, it has evolved into checking how much further down my portfolio is since last night, and also to check on my daily WOO staking payouts to make sure I am maxed out on my staking multipliers on WOO X and WOOFi.

CT is then the next port of call to see what the big dogs are thinking, and also to look for the memes of the day.

Describe your work day, and how you balance that with the duties of being a WOO Force member?

Sarpik: So my work is different each day - it could be an aircraft engine removal, or just a simple paint touch-up.

There will be times when it's hard to perform to my best in both places, since the main job requires a lot of focus. But I'm happy that I have a good team that covers me when I'm busy. These two things take up the biggest part of my time, but I'm happy with it.

ItsMrAlex2u: Lately my job has been mega busy, so I haven’t been as active in WOO Force for the last couple of months as I was previously.

My job revolves around IT systems deployment and delivery. With a couple of key projects coming up, 12-hour work days become the norm at this stage.

Hopefully, it will calm down in Q3. Some people join WOO Force and are great at bringing in new traders to WOO X, which is well worth their while in terms of the rewards that can be earned.

I personally enjoy writing content for the WOO Force blog, or just for Twitter threads. Anything that brings more eyes to WOO is a good thing.

What made you want to be a WOO Force member?

Sarpik: I’ve had a passion for crypto for a long time already, so I decided to move things up to the next level and try to be a part of the team. As I was looking for an exchange which could give me zero fees trading, I found WOO and my journey began.

ItsMrAlex2u: The WOO token was my biggest holding before I knew about WOO Force. I believe in their model and what they are building, and it seems like a solid bet.

I think I saw someone shill WOO Force either on Twitter or Discord and I just dived straight in.

What’s not to like? You sometimes get early bits of alpha and just hearing about what’s going on generally keeps my bullish stance on the future. Being able to contribute in a tiny way also feels  great.

How do you think WOO Force compares to other crypto community ambassadorship programs?

Sarpik: It’s quite hard for me to answer, as this is my first time being a part of a crypto exchange community and I like getting paid for my hobbies.

I also enjoy being among the first to know information about WOO’s ongoing project developments (it makes me feel more important 😄) and to grow together with WOO.

ItsMrAlex2u: I haven’t been a member of any other exchange’s ambassadorship program, so I’m not really in a position to give a direct comparison.

However, the direct access to senior team members is great, and the information shared on a weekly basis won’t usually be known by the wider community until much later.

Not necessarily huge secrets, but just key snippets of what’s going on and what’s coming down the tracks. There is serious work going on in the background but always a sense of banter and fun as well. All that is expected in return is a contribution in some small capacity.

What would you say to someone who is thinking of joining WOO Force?

Sarpik: When I saw that there is a special group called WOO Force, I thought to myself that I’m just a random dude and no one will let me in without any special education or experience.

However, to my surprise, I got a place in the team! So, if you feel that you would do anything to be a part of a wonderful team and have a passion for crypto, just give it a try! ❤️

ItsMrAlex2u: For anyone thinking of joining WOO Force, I’d say do it if you have a belief in WOO (and why wouldn’t you, if you know even a little bit about it).

Don’t be too concerned about not being able to dedicate huge amounts of time. There is no pressure around your contributions and you will find your own ways to contribute, whether that  be content or direct trader introductions etc.

What is your relationship like with other WOO Force members?

Sarpik: It’s my second month here so I’m still kind of fresh in the Force. I haven’t had a lot of chances to get to know people yet. But I can see that there are so many smart people here who are professionals and that just motivates me.

I hope we will have more time to get to know each other, forge some long-lasting relationships, and just have fun helping WOO become the biggest and the best crypto exchange. 😊

ItsMrAlex2u: Everyone in the Force is pulling in the same direction so the relationships in the group are friendly.

Clearly everyone is spread all over the world, but you will build up friendships for some weekly banter and Twitter chat.

WOO even held a local traders meet-up a few months ago which I went to, and met some of the crew in-person which was really good fun.

What is the proudest thing that you have done for WOO Force?

Sarpik: As it’s only been a couple of months since joining the Force, I still need to catch up and make something really big.

However, I managed to be the top referrer in my first month here, which was super cool!

ItsMrAlex2u: My proudest contribution would be content-based. I’ve written quite a few pieces, some of which performed well on Twitter.

One of my key goals is to help reinforce the brand’s messaging and help educate readers who are less familiar with WOO. For example, I wrote content pieces on WOO’s staking and supply model last year.

Interested in joining WOO Force? Apply to be a member today:


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