MEVFree: Shidcoin or gudcoin?

MEVFree: Shidcoin or gudcoin?

MEVFree: Telegram Bot

MEVFree is a suite of AI-based tools deployed on Telegram to protect traders and crypto projects, enabling them to extract maximum value in every on-chain transaction.

Project introduction

MEVFree is an integrated suite of tools designed for both crypto project owners and traders. Crypto projects can launch tokens on MEVFree’s ‘bot-protected’ Launchpad, or leverage MEVFree’s powerful Telegram group management and monitoring tools to moderate conversations, detect FUD, and remove malicious actors and bots.

In addition, MEVFree provides all crypto traders with a safe, efficient and transparent MEV-protected trading environment. MEVFree aims to deliver innovative solutions that benefit both individual traders and the broader Ethereum community, ultimately reducing the impact of MEV bots and promoting a fairer trading environment.

Key Challenges

MEV Bots have emerged as a significant threat to fair and transparent trading practices creating:

  • Unfair trading conditions: MEV bots infiltrate token trading via front running and/or back running transactions in mempools, targeting traders’ transactions and extracting value from them, often at the expense of regular users, leading to increased transaction costs and lower liquidity.
  • Erosion of trust: Lack of a secure environment, including data and tools for identifying genuine interactions and trading activities
  • Manual effort in monitoring token purchases, market trends, evaluating a project’s true potential, and users missing out on project alpha.

Project Key USPs

MEVFree provides a suite of highly-advanced tools and platform to facilitate secure and timely honeypot-detection, AI-assisted community moderation, and MEV-protected trading and launchpad activities.

  • MEVFree Guardian: An AI-powered Telegram chat management system to strip sensitive data from chat messages and protect groups from malicious actors and bots.
  • MEVFree Honeypot Checker: Provide heuristic tools that allow users to quickly verify whether a smart contract is a honeypot scam or a genuine project, significantly reducing the risk of falling victim to malicious schemes.
  • MEVSwap Launchpad: A complete platform for crypto projects to facilitate their fundraising process, token distribution and liquidity pairs, with MEV protection, community and marketing support.
  • MEVSwap TradeShield: Provide a secure and user-friendly DEX frontend and tools to counteract the predatory behavior of MEV bots, such as the Anti-MEV Bot code, MEV protection on liquidity pools, and executing trades within another smart contract, ensuring a more equitable trading environment for all participants. This helps to protect traders from MEV-related risks, like front-running and sandwich attacks.
  • MEVFree Buy Bot: Provide bots to monitor token liquidity pools and notify designated Telegram groups in real-time whenever a buy or sell is made on the pool. This eliminates the need for manual monitoring of token transactions, and keeps users informed of market trends; thus, increasing the likelihood of identifying promising projects with high buying momentum.


The MEVFree token (MEVFREE) is an ERC-20 token issued on the Ethereum chain.

Token name: MEVFree (MEVFREE)

  • Initial supply: 100,000,000
  • Maximum Supply: 100,000,000
  • Burned supply: 30,000,000
  • Current total supply: 70,000,000
  • Current circulating supply: 56,000,000
  • Current market cap: $22,414,208
  • Current price: $0.400254 (as of August 16)
  • Launch date: February 26, 2023
  • Price Action: +14,692%
  • Buying tax: 5%
  • Selling tax: 5%

Burn details: Out of the initial supply of 100,000,000 tokens, 20,000,000 tokens have been burned after listing. On August 9, the team burned another 10,000,000 tokens as a strategic move to reduce selling pressure. The current total supply is now 70,000,000 tokens.

Token Distribution

MEVFree’s initial circulating supply at TGE is ~20% of its total token supply. Other distribution include liquidity provision at 20% of total token supply, team tokens at 10%, pre-sale tokens at 35%, and ecosystem rewards at 15%.

Token Utility

MEVFREE is a utility token that can be used for:

  • Additional benefits/income: The token serves as gas that entitles holders to staking rewards, fees accrued from MEVFree token trades, swap fees collected from liquidity pools, early-withdrawal penalties paid by stakers, and revenue generated through MEVFree advertising.
  • Unlocking platform features: Token holders gain exclusive access to advanced features designed for MEVSwap Premium users, like advanced token charts with price predictions, portfolio dashboards, Launchpad early access, etc

Team Background

MEVFree is a decentralized team of more than 10 experienced professionals spread globally, each bringing their own extensive expertise and experience.

Members include:

  • Four highly-skilled programmers dedicated to developing the base code for mitigating MEV bot attacks on the Ethereum ecosystem.
  • Two marketing and public relations specialists responsible for promoting the MEVFree brand, increasing awareness and cultivating strong industry relationships.
  • A community engagement team focused on building a vibrant and supportive MEVFree community. This team collects feedback, addresses concerns, and facilitates discussions to continually enhance the ecosystem and its products.

Ecosystem Expansion

Since its deployment, MEVFree has seen a rapid rise in adoption from Telegram groups with a collective total of 45,000+ communities, and a collective reach of close to a million users.

Plans are in the works to deploy the MEVRouter onto other chains to expand its reach, facilitate cross-chain liquidity provision, and explore new strategic partnerships.

Comparison with other players

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