A monthly WOO Network roundup: September 2021

A monthly WOO Network roundup: September 2021

September was an eventful month for WOO Network, with the launch of WOO X Mobile on the iOS App Store, the announcement of our first WOO Ventures airdrop, and impressive network volume records fueled by our strategic DeFi liquidity partnerships.

As September closed, WOO Network began making a big impact in the crypto community, boasting impressive 24-hour volumes across the network. All eyes were on the counter over at woo.org, which at its peak recorded a staggering $2.5 Billion 24-hour volume — smashing all previous records and doubling in less than 24 hours. This volume put WOO Network as one of the highest-ranking exchanges by volume, and of course, liquidity, with un-rivaled order book depth.

These impressive volumes were largely due to a liquidity partnership with dYdX Protocol, in which WOO Networks parent company, Kronos Research, are key market makers on the platform, hedging through WOO Network and bringing in impressive volumes.

WOOFi also made its mark in September, at one point accounting for 8.2% of Polygon Network’s 24-hour volume, with just 0.02% of the TVL… that’s a 410:1 volume to TVL ratio!


WOO X stakers are getting ready for the first WOO Ventures airdrop, with the announcement of a 500,000 DODO token airdrop, distributed daily to WOO X stakers, starting from Oct 15 and continuing for 11 weeks.

September saw the WOO X Mobile app (iOS) move from its Beta version on TestFlight to the official iOS App Store! Now iOS users can experience zero-fee trading anywhere.

Polygon network is now supported on WOO X — enjoy fast and cheap deposits and withdrawals for WOO and MATIC to and from WOO X!

Qredo Network’s QRDO token came to WOO X — and to celebrate the listing of the emerging project, a $50,000 USD QRDO airdrop was distributed to WOO X stakers.

dYdX Protocol released their official DYDX token in September, and WOO X was one of the first exchanges to have it listed. To mark the listing, new WOO X users received a dYdX token when they signed up and staked 300 WOO tokens.

Alongside the listing of QRDO and DYDX, more assets became available to WOO X users and the entire institutional network this month, including FTM, CRO, ALICE, MANA, ICP, DAI, OMG, and CELR!

Features, features, features! WOO X saw many upgrades in September, with the addition of a Vault feature, allowing users to isolate funds from margin trading for better risk management, as well as additions of FTT, SOL, and AVAX as collateral, and the ability to edit pending orders.

While the WOO X app is now on the App Store, the WOO X team is still hard at work adding more great features for our mobile traders. September updates include the ability to deposit and withdraw from your phone, the optimization of charts, and adjustments to the display for the vault feature and staking page.

To bring WOO X to as many users as possible, September saw the addition of a tiered KYC system, as well as support for many new ID types and nationalities, and an extended KYC compliance period for our valued Beta testers.

The WOO Token

The August burn was completed at the start of September, forever removing 217,523 WOO tokens from the circulating supply.

You can now bridge WOO tokens onto Fantom, a fast and scalable Layer 1 platform, and even put your WOO to use on Fantom, with a new liquidity pool live on SpookySwap!

WOO comes to Arbitrum! The WOO token Arbitrum bridge is live

Business Development

Liquidity partnerships left, right and center! WOO Network has made some waves in the crypto space with more partnerships with major networks and exchanges. September saw WOO Network and Fantom join forces, with WOO Network providing liquidity support for the FTM token and the Fantom Network, a network with already over 1.6 million on-chain transactions daily.

Alongside the Fantom Network partnership, WOO Network has also partnered with leading exchange Nash, part of the goal of democratizing liquidity access. Nash also listed the first Euro onramp for WOO, with their WOO/EUR trading pair.


Unfolded, a popular Telegram channel for market insights and crypto news, has been sharing their WOO X referral link with their followers. At stake is a $250 reward for 20 lucky people who sign up and trade at least $250 in volume!

The WOO community has been making their presence known on Twitter, with LunarCRUSH and their analytics ranking the WOO token as the rank 1 altcoin, based on its market performance and social activity!

As part of our listing of QRDO, Qredo Network COO Josh Goodbody held an AMA on the WOO Network discord (discord.gg/woonetwork), where the WOO community got to find out about all things Qredo and win some QRDO rewards in the process. Weren’t able to catch the AMA live? Check out the write-up about what you missed here:

We’re hiring!

WOO Network is committed to attracting leading talent, and the new recruiting video gives you a taste of office life at WOO. Think you know someone who’d be interested? Refer a friend and receive a USD $2000 reward for gifting them a career using this link: https://boards.greenhouse.io/wooreferral/jobs/4698841003?gh_src=e41b77153us

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