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WOO X sets record $1.29 million prize pool, lists $FLC to boost Flooring's NFT market innovation

WOO X sets record $1.29 million prize pool,  lists $FLC to boost Flooring's NFT market innovation

WOO X has listed the $FLC token, native to the Flooring Protocol (FLC). $FLC has been one of the most actively traded tokens on the decentralized exchange (DEX) Uniswap, with around $30 million in Total Value Locked (TVL), but until now, it has never been listed on a centralized exchange.

Flooring Protocol is known for pioneering innovative NFT fractionalization techniques and the development of the BT-404 token standard protocol, aimed at democratizing NFT access and enhancing liquidity in the ecosystem. Flooring’s BT-404 is an enhancement of the ERC-404 standard, merging the fungibility of standard ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum with the unique attributes of an ERC-721 NFT.

In addition to listing $FLC, WOO X has announced a reward for $WOO stakers, offering them exclusive participation in the $FLC airdrop. WOO X also introduces μToken Earn Vaults, making it the first platform to enable users to earn a yield on fractionalized NFTs. 

“FLC is regularly in the top 10 most traded tokens on DEX by volume, due to its highly liquid μToken markets. Being able to access their innovations while also being the first listing on a centralized exchange is a great opportunity, and we are excited to keep pushing new products that make it easier for traders to capture opportunities in the market together,” Ben Yorke, WOO X VP of ecosystem said.

In January, WOO X set a milestone by becoming the first centralized exchange to list FLC’s μTokens representing prominent NFT collections. WOO X’s initiatives align with propelling the long-term success of the Flooring Protocol ecosystem, furthering its mission to revolutionize the NFT market landscape toward greater accessibility and liquidity.

WIN a share of $1,29 million worth of $FLC, WOO X’s biggest prize pool to date

With the introduction of the $FLC listing, WOO X presents eight engaging challenges, culminating in a substantial $1.2M prize pool, guarded by four blue-chip NFTs. 

Delve into the world of fractionalized NFTs empowered by the Flooring Protocol and embark on these quests to unearth hidden treasures.

  • Trade & compete: Engage in a trading competition with a $150,000 FLC prize pool.
  • Vote NFTs: Participate in voting for your favorite μToken project with a $20,000 FLC prize pool.
  • Register & trade: Win a share of $10,000 FLC by completing $1,000 in trades.
  • Yield Farming: Subscribe to FLC or μToken vaults to earn a share of $750,000 FLC.
  • Stake for airdrop: Stake $WOO to qualify for a $300,000 FLC airdrop.
  • GALXE quests: Embark on a 7-week quest series with a $50,000 FLC prize pool.
  • Claim proof of NFT-hood: Connect your DeFi wallet with select NFTs to earn a share of $5,000 FLC.
  • On-ramp fiat: On-ramp $100 USDT worth of fiat and trade $100 to be eligible for a share of $5,000 FLC and a chance to win an Azuki Elemental NFT.

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