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GMCI Index Perp Contracts, now available on WOO X

GMCI Index Perp Contracts, now available on WOO X

WOO X lists three GMCI Index Perpetual Contracts - GMCI 30, GMCI L2, and GMCI MEME -  marking a significant milestone as WOO X becomes the first centralized crypto exchange to launch GMCI L2 and GMCI Meme indices, offering innovative trading solutions for traders.

"Introducing the GMCI Index Perpetual Contracts is not just about expanding the options for our traders; it's about backing a partner that is building innovative products for the entire crypto industry.

GMCI's meticulously crafted indices offer an expansive view of the cryptocurrency market, tailored to aid investors in navigating the intricacies of digital assets. With GMCI Indices, investors gain entry to a sophisticated collection of data, capturing evolving trends and providing a strong benchmarking tool for evaluating investment strategies.

As more TradFi players enter the crypto market, the industry needs these indexes, given their widespread adoption in global equities markets. Our partnership with GMCI reaffirms our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's achievable in the crypto market,” said Willy Chuang, COO of WOO X.

GMCI 30 Index:

The GMCI 30 Index (GM30-PERP on WOO X) comprises the top 30 cryptocurrencies, showcasing leading players in the digital asset space. By concentrating on prominent tokens, it provides insights into the market's core strength and primary drivers. Additionally, it includes significant assets beyond major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, ensuring exposure to a diverse range of assets. As a reliable indicator of market trends, the GMCI 30 Index reflects shifts in investor sentiment and technological advancements.

GMCI L2 Index:

The GMCI L2 Index (L2-PERP on WOO X) tracks key Layer 2 blockchain technologies, emphasizing innovations that enhance scalability and efficiency. It offers insights into the progress and impact of these advancements on primary blockchain platforms. With a focus on assets contributing to scalability and technological progress in the secondary layer of blockchain infrastructure, the GMCI L2 Index is a crucial indicator of innovations in the evolving blockchain ecosystem.

GMCI Meme Index:

The GMCI Meme Index (MEME-PERP on WOO X) comprises leading meme coins by market capitalization, capturing the essence of crypto culture and web3 communities. Focused on meme coins with significant community engagement and market presence, it offers insights into the playful yet influential side of blockchain technology. This index serves as a crucial indicator of the evolving role and potential of meme coins, providing valuable insights for investors interested in cultural phenomena shaping the future of finance and blockchain communities.

WOO X partnered with Wintermute and Kronos Research as its liquidity providers for the GMCI Indexes, to ensure the reliability and stability of market access. By leveraging their extensive expertise in algorithmic and high-frequency trading, Wintermute guarantees deep liquidity, facilitating seamless experiences for all traders.


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