Wootrade’s Ecosystem Partner Program

Wootrade’s Ecosystem Partner Program

We are looking for excellent partners from a wide variety of backgrounds (traders, media, communities, KOLs, etcetera) to help build Wootrade’s ecosystem.

1. The ways that ecosystem partners contribute include, but are not limited to:

  • Introducing high-quality business partners (clients, investors) to Wootrade;
  • Continuously creating high-quality content related to Wootrade;
  • Using media resources to increase Wootrade’s market influence;
  • Using community resources to organize Wootrade related online and offline activities.

2. The ways we reward ecosystem partners include:

  • Free access to Wootrade;
  • Token reward;
  • Token node income.

3. How to become our ecosystem partner:
Please click here to sign up. We also accept recommendations from partners. Applicants are required to submit a proposal detailing how they will help develop the token ecosystem. We will select our partners based on the quality of these proposals.

Accepted applicants will receive an email from us. The cooperation period for each partner is 1 year. After expiration, partners need to apply again.

4. Ecosystem partner reward rules:
We have prepared a token reward of approximately US$10,000 for each partner. Each quarter, after completing the summary report, 25% of the tokens will be unlocked. The unlocking will be completed after one year. Unlocked tokens can be freely controlled by partners. We will help partners who wish to stake their unlocked tokens. Rewards generated from staking also belong to the partners.

At the end of each quarter, all ecosystem partners need to complete a quarterly summary report. Reports will be graded on a scale from 1 to 10.

9–10: In addition to unlocking the fixed token rewards, the foundation will also give additional rewards;
6–8: Unlock the fixed token reward
3–6: Unlock 60% fixed token reward
1–3: Disqualification of partners and no longer participate in unlocking

* We will announce the scoring rules soon.

We sincerely invite every Wootrade supporter to participate in the eco-partnership program, display his/her talents, help Wootrade develop, and get corresponding recognition and rewards!

Wootrade’s Ecosystem Partner Program
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