WOOTRADE Monthly Update July 2020

WOOTRADE Monthly Update July 2020

Technical Update:

-WOOTRADE officially upgraded to version 2.0!

-Update the real-time order book interface

-Increase the frequency of order book push

-Fixed an issue affecting system stability

-Web management interface adds the filtering function of asset history

Strategic partnership update:

-WOOTRADE and MOV reached a strategic cooperation to jointly improve the DEX trading experience

MOV has been connected to WOOTRADE’s dark pool of liquidity. In the future, the two parties will also cooperate in the exploration of user incentive mechanisms and global brand expansion.

Market updates:

-Audrey, Business Manager of WOOTRADE, attended “Quantitative 101” as a special guest

-Audrey attended and hosted Shenzhen·Sunrise Meetup

-Ran Yi, COO of WOOTRADE, attended Cointelegraph China Blockchain Week

Ran Yi attended the panel of “Who is the contract dark horse in 2020?” and said: The crypto market is currently dominated by some of the largest exchanges, and it is difficult for the second and third-tier exchanges to catch up.

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