Introducing WOOFi Pro - the future of onchain orderbook trading

Introducing WOOFi Pro - the future of onchain orderbook trading

Cross-chain deposits from multiple EVM networks let you trade on the first DEX that rivals the experience of a CEX

WOOFi Pro is born

Say hello to WOOFi Pro - a gasless orderbook trading experience with EVM-friendly cross-chain deposits and complete self-custody. What does that mean in layman’s terms? Well anon, picture your favorite CEX for me. Now imagine it on-chain with no KYC, no reliance on third-party custody, and you can get started by depositing from any of your favorite chains via MetaMask. That’s WOOFi Pro.

Leading the omnichain charge

The future of decentralized orderbook trading is omnichain, and WOOFi Pro is here to lead the charge. How, you ask? By enabling anyone to get started with cross-chain deposits from Arbitrum, Optimism, BNB Chain, Ethereum, Base, Linea, and Polygon. You heard me - lock and load your favorite wallet, such as Metamask, Rabby, or Trust wallet because WOOFi Pro is soon to be accessible via an EVM chain near you.

Rev sharing is caring

Building the most transparent, versatile, and innovative suite of CeDeFi trading products is only half of the picture - they must all accrue value back to the WOO token. That’s why revenue from WOOFi Pro trading fees will be shared with WOOFi stakers from day one of its mainnet launch slated for Q4 later this year.

Trade where you want

Mobiles aren’t the same clunky bricks that we used to play Snake with back in the 1990s. Now they are the go-to trading device for millions across the globe. WOOFi Pro has to be accessible to these users, and that’s exactly what we’ve ensured. Now you can trade like a pro on the go with a mobile-friendly UI whether you’re commuting, procrastinating at work, or enjoying precious you-time on the porcelain throne.

Trade how you want

We want you to be able to trade how you want, on the apps or network you want, with the custody you want. To achieve this WOO needs a vast ecosystem, and WOOFi Pro will act as the third bullet in our chamber of killer trading products. Armed with unparalleled liquidity, high throughput, and execution all with the trust and transparency of self-custody, WOOFi Pro will go down as the first orderbook DEX to truly rival a centralized exchange experience.

Trade what you want

Initially, WOOFi Pro will support 10 or so pairs upon its October mainnet launch, and from there should flow a steady stream of the most coveted and popular cryptoassets. Looking ahead, with Orderly Network driving towards an omnichain infrastructure, WOOFi Pro traders might find themselves trading everything from stocks to commodities and even forex. First things first though, keep an eye out for the testnet campaign we’ll be unleashing very soon!

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