WOO X Research: Q1 highlights and alpha outlook for Q2

WOO X Research: Q1 highlights and alpha outlook for Q2

Market Summary

BTC Halving

Historically, Bitcoin halving cycles have followed a pattern: a surge in speculative expectations preceding the event, leading to a rapid BTC price increase, followed by a correction. Subsequently, about six months post-halving, a genuine bull market often emerges. With the narrative surrounding Bitcoin halving, the introduction of BTC spot ETFs by traditional trading institutions, and the Fed's anticipated interest rate cuts, we foresee significant potential for BTC price movement.

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The US Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) maintains a dovish stance, signaling continued accommodative measures despite a robust economy. Experts predict the first US Fed rate cut in Q2 (May), driven by declining inflation and a strong dollar. Consequently, investors may seek higher returns abroad, potentially affecting global markets, including cryptocurrencies. When the US government decides to lower interest rates (which they might do in May), it encourages people to invest their money in other countries where they can get higher returns. This can impact cryptocurrency prices worldwide because some investors might choose to put their money elsewhere instead of buying cryptocurrencies.


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