WOO X lists $WSM

WOO X lists $WSM

📢 Wall Street Memes ($WSM) is now listed on the WOO X spot market! 

WSM's origins can be traced back to the GameStop Saga and has a mission of democratizing finance and providing retail investors with a voice in the financial market. WSM has a total token supply of 2 billion and is currently accessible for buying and trading on centralized exchanges, including WOO X.

The Wall Street Memes community, which comprises over 1.1 million members and garners more than 50 million impressions each month, collaborates with select brands and partners aiming to engage an active audience of young individuals interested in American politics, culture, and finance, as stated on WSM's website.

WSM also maintains a strong connection with the WallStreetBets subreddit, an online community of over 14 million users actively engaging in discussions and stock trading. This subreddit gained significant recognition for its pivotal role in the GameStop short squeeze that occurred in January 2021, an event that had a profound impact on conventional financial markets

WSM project updates

WSM is enhancing its ecosystem by boosting the rewards wallet, introducing new casino games, strengthening marketing efforts, addressing security issues, and preparing for buybacks, signaling a continued commitment to its growth and success. Below are the latest updates culled from the WSM websites: 

Additional $1m of bought back $WSM to be sent to rewards wallet

To showcase our continued commitment to the $WSM token, we’re sending an additional $1m of $WSM to the rewards wallet on the 30th of November. That brings the rewards wallet total to $2.1 Million!

These tokens will be used for things like staking, rewards, casino loyalty and gamification bonuses, rewarding community loyalty, and playing in Wall Street Memes Casino.

First custom casino game nearing completion

Our game development team has been hard at work creating our first bespoke Wall Street Memes casino game. It’s called Bull Run Smash and will be available to play on Wall St Memes Casino by the end of the month.

This is what we hope to be the first of many bespoke games we create as we look to take over the Web3 casino space!

Finalizing first casino marketing deals

Casino marketing is one of the team’s main areas of focus right now and we are close to finalizing the first of many major marketing deals.

As we’re finalizing our deals, you should see us pop up on the major crypto sites in the coming weeks, but it doesn’t stop there. We’re busy working on partnerships with meme communities, streamers, YouTubers, and ambassadors — so stay tuned for more updates!

“We’re really excited about kicking off our casino marketing campaign as we believe the success of the casino has a huge part to play in the growth of the $WSM token.”

Discord hack relief fund update

Our development team has decided on the most secure way to reimburse people affected by the hack. We’ll be rolling this out next week, and you’ll have until the 17th of November to complete registration.

Detailed instructions will be published next, but anyone affected should set up a new wallet that is unaffected and separate from the hack, and have access to the affected wallet.

Kucoin perps and further exchange listing

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Kucoin has listed $WSM for perpetual trading. The team is also exploring further exchange listings to add to the 17 exchanges that $WSM is already available on.

Casino marketing campaign about to begin

Now that we’ve launched the casino and have some data to work with, we’re rolling out our marketing campaign. This will help in onboarding new Casino users and new $WSM holders, all contributing to the amount we buy back.

Net gaming revenue buybacks starting November

Our first casino Net Gaming Revenue buyback will begin next month! That means that we’ll be buying back at least 10% of Net Gaming Revenue from the casino, stay tuned to our socials for more information!

The above information was quoted from  https://wallstmemes.com/ and https://wallstreetmemes.medium.com/, as accessed on November 8, 2023, with all materials belonging to their respective owners.  

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