WOO X lists BIGTIME Token

WOO X lists BIGTIME Token

WOO  announced that it listed the Web3 RPG platform Big Time's token (BIGTIME) on the WOO X perps market

The following information and charts were quoted from the Big Time Wiki, as accessed on October 16, 2023, with all materials belonging to their respective owners:


About $BIGTIME Token

$BIGTIME Token is the main cryptocurrency that drives Big Time’s economy. $BIGTIME is a fair launch token with no allocation to the team or investors. The primary way to get $BIGTIME will be through in-game drops. The maximum issuance of $BIGTIME Tokens is 5,000,000,000 and the majority of it would be generated by playing the game with an Hourglass equipped.

How To Acquire $BIGTIME Tokens

  • Random drop in game for performing game actions with at least one Hourglass or Cracked Hourglass equipped (e.g. killing enemies, completing quests, beating dungeons, etc.).
  • Imported into the game through a player's crypto wallet.

What $BIGTIME Tokens Are Used For 

  • Required to perform Refining, Crafting, and Upgrading at the Forge and Armory.
  • Required to speed up crafting timers at a Forge or Armory.
  • Required to access Prestige Portals.

Trading $BIGTIME Tokens

$BIGTIME Tokens are non-tradable within the game or via our marketplace. However, as $BIGTIME is a cryptocurrency, players can export it from Open Loot to their individual crypto wallets. Once transferred, players gain the capacity to execute all standard cryptocurrency operations, including trading or transferring it as they see fit.

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