WOO X is considering adding more beta testers. Want in? Now’s your chance.

WOO X is considering adding more beta testers. Want in? Now’s your chance.

Since March 31, WOO X Beta has hosted a small group of beta testers. Here’s a quick update, with info on how you can join in.

A look at the numbers

WOO X beta testing is currently hosting 356 participants with different trading backgrounds from various regions. The system is accumulating a modest $5–10m in daily trading volume with 49 million WOO tokens already staked on the platform. At a systems level, WOO X is running smoothly, even in times of high volatility. This was demonstrated by the drastic market moves over the weekend of Apr 17 — Apr 18, when all major assets faced a rapid sell-off.

During a period of three weeks, our internal testing team and community beta testers generated a number of different issues and feedback via technical bug reports, new feature requests, and suggestions on minor optimizations. Roughly half of those were front-end related, a third were UI issues, while only a few had to do with the backend. Before we forget, we’d like to thank the users for all the reported bugs and suggestions.

The following improvements were already made:

  1. DODO, UNI, ALGO, and ADA were listed for spot and up to 2x margin trading
  2. WOO X implemented a system upgrade to support the Ethereum Berlin hard fork
  3. Margin trading mode was optimized with widgets that allow easily switch from 1x to 2x and choose an order size with a percentage slider
  4. Staking WOO now works in auto-compounding mode. A staking reward history widget was added to the wallet
  5. Wallet widgets were improved and now display “Total account value” in BTC and USDT, and funds available for trading under “Available buying power”
  6. An improved platform-wide notification system was implemented
  7. The WOO X support center was established, users can report bugs at: https://support.woo.network

We are currently working on:

  1. Adding more trading pairs
  2. Enabling additional blockchain network support for USDT transfers (TRC-20, Algorand)
  3. Adding more timeframes and TA tools to the charts
  4. Developing the post-beta WOO staking program
  5. Developing and implementing the WOO X referral program
  6. Adding KYC support and other features that help users secure their assets
  7. Designing the WOO Ventures airdrop plan
  8. Adding more order types including stop loss, take profit, IOC, FOK, and post only orders
  9. Supporting more languages

All reported issues are already being dealt with by our product team, with many already being resolved. Suggestions for improvements and new features have been put into the development backlog, to be implemented before or shortly after launch. We are happy to report that the product is following its development schedule and is receiving lots of positive feedback in the process.

So… would you like to try?

Prior to the Beta launch, we circulated a survey via email. Users who participated were placed on a waitlist, which helped the team gain valuable insights into the behavior of potential future users. Users who missed it the first time around will get a second chance here:


Make your survey a piece of cake!


By filling this out, your email will be stored on a waitlist, that will be sent before launch in June. Getting in before June will have important ramifications for staking tier requirements, which impacts staking rewards, fee tiers, and other future benefits including referral bonuses and airdrops from WOO Ventures.

Once again, we thank you for your interest and participation. Please don’t hesitate to share your feedback with us and spread the word about WOO X on your social media channels.

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