WOO X introduces the Single symbol workspace

WOO X introduces the Single symbol workspace

At WOO, we’re obsessed with traders' user experience, speed, and efficiency. We recognize that every superfluous step, information gap, or distracting data could result in a missed opportunity.

WOO X introduces the Single Symbol workspace that allows traders to focus exclusively on a single cryptocurrency symbol or trading pair, with the added benefit of a responsive UI design that ensures a seamless and user-friendly experience on mobile devices.

Many traders often face the problem of navigating through multiple screens, tabs, and charts to access information about different cryptocurrencies. With the single symbol workspace on WOO X, users can focus on a single cryptocurrency symbol or trading pair at a time. Single symbol mode is now the default interface for all WOO X users.

Moreover, traders often need access to their portfolios and the ability to make trades even when they are not in front of their desktop computers. The responsive UI design of WOOX ensures that your trading platform adapts seamlessly to your mobile device's screen size. Whether on a smartphone or tablet, WOO X's interface lets you easily check your positions and TP/SL orders on your Mobile K chart, including open positions, pending orders, and filled orders.

We introduced the Single Symbol Workspace based on valuable feedback from traders who wanted a smoother onboarding experience. For those seeking a more customized trading experience, they can explore the multi-symbol workspace, designed for both general and active traders.


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