WOO Network partners with KTG to maximize traders’ performance

WOO Network partners with KTG to maximize traders’ performance

In a bid to enhance the trading experience on WOO X and provide users with solid market insights, WOO Network has partnered with Kronos Trading Group (KTG), a proprietary trading firm with a team of 30 experienced traders specializing in the cryptoasset markets.

KTG practices short-term discretionary trading based on price action to generate profits, applying different strategies depending on each trader’s personality and trading style. An entirely separate operating entity from market-making firm Kronos Research, traders at KTG use professional trading tools such as Quantower, Tiger Trade, and Cscalp. The team at KTG trades on leading centralized exchanges (CEX) such as Binance and WOO X.

“Our partnership means working closely with the team at WOO X as they build an even more robust trading platform, as our team shares our experience with top exchanges. KTG will also be more visible on the WOO Network website with the regular publishing of our insights such as on macroeconomic trends, crypto-related news, and particular assets that we’re watching closely,” said Marek Chajecki, founder of KTG.

“Traders are even more demanding these days, they are constantly seeking an edge to outperform the market. Seeking alpha requires a combination of skill, experience, and time-sensitive access to information and resources. KTG’s insights from trading on other top platforms will be valuable to our goal of providing WOO X traders with what they need exactly to perform well,” said Mitchell Williams from WOO Network Ecosystem.

Weekly trading outlook - Powered by KTG

On a regular basis, the team at KTG will collab with WOO Network on a series of posts via WOO Network’s official Twitter handle, with the hashtag #TradingOutlook.

By tapping on the collective expertise and insights provided by KTG, WOO Network can provide traders with deep market knowledge to further sharpen their trading edge. In order to not miss out on any of these insights, follow WOO Network and KTG on Twitter, and stay tuned for updates every week!

Or perhaps you are an experienced trader looking for the perfect environment to take your trades to the next level? KTG aims to help traders to learn, grow and empower them to succeed. Learn more about joining KTG here.


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