WOO and AlphaNet partner to provide user brand new AI Trading experience

WOO and AlphaNet partner to provide user brand new AI Trading experience

WOO X, the leading trading platform with best-in-class liquidity across CeFi and DeFi, has announced the partnership with AI platform AlphaNet powered by Phoenix, bringing new AI-driven trading signal choices and insights to WOO X users.

The association provides WOO X users with cutting-edge AI-based models for market trend identification, assessing market price tops and bottoms, predicting market state regimes, and end-to-end trading strategies.

What is AlphaNet?

AlphaNet is an AI-driven, web3 based platform built on the Phoenix chain to help retail and independent traders acquire robust tools to optimize trading edge. AlphaNet utilizes PHB (Phoenix native token) and CCD (Computation Credits). Also, AlphaNet has transformative value for the Phoenix token economy and serves as one of the pillars of a robust and organic growth model.

AlphaNet is operated as a web3-based SaaS (Software as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service), providing diverse AI trading solutions to users. In AlphaNet's latest Beta R2 releases, users can have access to to two fresh and trustworthy deep-learning signals: Viper AI and WaveML.

What benefits can AlphaNet bring to WOO Users?

ViperAI is AlphaNet’s flagship deep learning-based AI signal/strategy and was built to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns by predicting directional momentum. ViperAI is long/short market neutral and is expected to be profitable in any market condition. Users can use ViperAI to identify market trends and adjust trading strategy accordingly. 

WaveML is an AI Insights offering on AlphaNet that enables users to detect inefficiencies in short-term trends and market dynamics that enable trade opportunities. WaveML is built on the core principle that stands as the antithesis of the Efficient Markets Hypothesis (the notion that markets are efficient and that little to no edge can be exploited). WaveML helps traders identify structural pockets, or “waves”, that can be used to structure trade opportunities. 

By utilizing ViperAI, WaveML, and other handy services that AlphaNet provided, users can enhance market analyzing processes and improve their existing trading strategy for better profitability, as well as for optimized trading edge. 

How to use AlphaNet?

Users can access AlphaNet service to help improve trading strategy and make better decisions. For detailed user guidance on AI-based services provided by AlphaNet, please check out their official documentation website.

- Platform:  https://alphanet.phoenix.global/

- User guide: https://alphanet-doc.phoenix.global/

- Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlphaNet_AI/status/1722653115277828346

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