The WOO Token is set to launch 10/29 on,, Bitmart, and MXC.

The WOO Token is set to launch 10/29 on,, Bitmart, and MXC.

The Wootrade network has been achieving aggressive growth in 2020, with daily volume rising as more B2B clients and partners have discovered the benefits of Wootrade’s powerful trading infrastructure. The platform’s basic functionality is in place, as exchanges are able to tap into deep order books with zero-fee trading, providing their end-users with a smooth and efficient trading experience. Still, it lacks one key value driver: The WOO token.

What is the WOO token?

The WOO token is at the core of Wootrade’s zero-fee model. For example, WOO must be amassed by B2B clients in order to attain discounts by qualifying as PRIME nodes. Professional traders will be required to hold WOO to maintain zero-fees. WOO can be held as collateral on futures and margin trading. WOO will also be used as a voting mechanism in the Wootrade Governance Framework. For more information on the WOO token, including the token distribution model and unlocking schedule, check out the token page on our website.

New partners bring more flows to Wootrade

The network is already expanding with a number of top exchanges that have reached a strategic partnership with Wootrade, including, Bitmart,, and MXC. and MXC were early adopters and as a result, have already seen great improvements in their liquidity of mainstream cryptocurrencies. and Bitmart are entering the final stages of integration and will soon be tapping into Wootrade’s rich portfolio of digital assets. As part of the arrangement, both of these exchanges will support Wootrade with marketing and ecosystem development.

Announcing the public sale

Each of these partners will be offering their users a chance to be among the first holders of the WOO token. These public sales will take place on October 29th. Please be aware that each exchange is holding the sale according to their own rules, policies, and schedule, and that users should follow their official channels for the latest updates.

Changes may be announced at any time, so please follow Wootrade on Twitter and Telegram.

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