Keeping it cool with Avalanche

Keeping it cool with Avalanche

Celebrate the one-year anniversary of WOO X with us by learning and earning your share of $10,000 in AVAX!

Reminiscing on our integration with Avalanche 🔺

After laying eyes upon each other in 2021, it wasn’t long until the world witnessed the union of our deep liquidity and lowest fees with Avalanche’s signature blazing (or even ‘brisk’) speeds. Since then we have worked closely to best connect our communities, bridging the gap between our ever-growing ecosystems to empower exchanges, traders, yield farmers, and NFT collectors alike. This article tells the story of how all of this came to be, starting with a pledge to bring unrivaled liquidity…

*Read till the end to find the learn and earn campaign, where you can answer 3 questions and have the chance to be one of 10 winners of $1000 in AVAX.*

Breaking the ice 🧊

WOO Network’s institutional-grade liquidity can thrive in even the coldest of climates, and this proved true in December of 2021 when $15M of it braved the blizzard of the Avalanche Bridge for the first time. By flowing far and wide into the furthest corners of the Avalanche ecosystem, our deep liquidity was instrumental in spearheading the success of Avalanche native dApps such as Trader Joe, Pangolin, and Benqi by connecting their users with CeFi-grade pricing.

Providing liquidity wasn’t enough though, as WOO X users soon came to know when we added support for C-Chain deposits and withdrawals, forging a closer connection yet still between our zero fees and Avalanche’s zippy speeds. Whilst these developments were coming in thick and fast, little did we know that they were just the tip of the iceberg…

Snowballing WOOFi’s success ❄️

In March of this year, it quickly became clear that our relationship was headed for new heights when our decentralized exchange WOOFi integrated with Avalanche. Leveraging its trailblazing sPMM liquidity, WOOFi put previously unseen power into the hands of Avalanche users, enabling them to pocket more of their prized assets with every swap thanks to a microscopic 0.025% swap fee.

Recognizing that Avalanche users wanted to do more than just swap, the innovation didn’t stop, eventually culminating in WOOFi Earn Vaults and WOO staking. Since then, WOOFi and Avalanche have proved to be the perfect match, enabling WOOFi to catch yet more volume from this flourishing ecosystem until it recently accounted for 17% of the entire network’s 24-hour volume.

A flurry of new features 🌨️

In July more WOOFi updates began to fly, including support for the all-in-one Avalanche Core Wallet, breaking down what was left of any barriers between our two ecosystems. We also decided to play our part in promoting the adoption of native Avalanche assets, not only through implementing Avalanche support for USDC on WOO X, but also by making BTC.b tradeable on WOOFi. These continuous updates demonstrated our relentless intent to support Avalanche at every turn, as NFT collectors would soon come to learn…

The Avalanche Trader 🏔️

In August we then gave traders the chance to earn a limited-edition NFT by keeping their cool and completing one trading task from WOOFi’s Wizardry School. Designed to showcase that WOOFi’s liquidity almost always comes out on top, we gave this NFT to anyone willing to swap $50 or more trading volume through WOOFi or any of our partnered DEX aggregators including Paraswap, 1inch, Open Ocean, Matcha, and Yield Yak. With more than 1000 mints, it gave many users a quick glimpse into the perks of swapping with WOOFi’s peerless price execution.

Supercharging the snowscape ⚡️

Lastly, but certainly by no means least, we provided innovative earning strategies on Avalanche supporting the single-sided earning of AVAX and USDC, all with the most competitive yields and no impermanent loss. These aptly named Supercharger vaults attracted more than $1.5M TVL in a matter of days, further deepening WOOFi’s liquidity and making it possible for users to swap AVAX and USDC in serious size with minimal slippage.

Learn and earn your share of $10,000 in AVAX

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of WOO X, and all the ways that we have worked with Avalanche, we’re giving you the chance to win $1,000 in AVAX by following 3 simple steps:

  1. Read this article to learn about our shared history with Avalanche
  2. Correctly answer all 3 questions in this short quiz
  3. Check out our 1 BTC giveaway for our WOO X 1-year anniversary

Winners will be announced on October 27th, so make sure to complete the quiz before then. In the meantime, make sure to follow WOO Network’s Twitter and keep up-to-date with all of their one-year anniversary celebrations!

Stay tuned for all of WOO Network’s exciting developments!

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