How WOO Ventures brings value to early-stage projects and WOO Network

How WOO Ventures brings value to early-stage projects and WOO Network

WOO Ventures is the investment arm of WOO Network, which seeks to form strategic partnerships with projects and ecosystems. Here’s a quick rundown of our latest updates and developments.

Investment Approach

WOO Ventures allocates to investments using token swaps, where a project’s equity or native token is swapped with WOO. WOO Ventures was seeded with 150M of WOO tokens, which enables the formation of many long-term partnerships. Investments are typically structured with matching lock-up and vesting schedules. This approach aligns both parties and helps form long-term partnerships, as the investment horizon is typically 2 to 3 years.

A unique aspect of WOO Ventures is that 50% of the returns from all investments are airdropped to WOO token holders. The first initiative is the DODO airdrop that begins on WOO X on October 15th. In the future, WOO Ventures may explore alternative distribution methods to promote inclusivity, including airdropping on-chain to WOO token holders active in DeFi.

Investment Theses

The WOO Network is blockchain agnostic and aims to provide liquidity across the entire cryptocurrency industry, spanning both centralized exchanges and DeFi. Hence, WOO Ventures has a broad investment mandate and aims to invest in projects like:

  • Ecosystems with smart contracts that enable DeFi applications
  • Decentralized trading for spot and derivatives markets, especially order book and RFQ models which can plug in directly to WOO Network liquidity
  • Liquidity aggregators and cross-chain bridges
  • Money markets and other forms of yield generating applications
  • Infrastructure such as custody, wallets, scaling solutions, and data analytics

Since the cryptocurrency industry is constantly evolving, WOO Ventures is not limited to these verticals and will consider all investment opportunities.

Similar to WOO Ventures and the WOO Network, Kronos Ambrosia fund is the strategic investment arm of Kronos Research. A key difference is that Ambrosia typically invests in more risky seed rounds, while WOO Ventures partners in private rounds when a project’s core products are more developed. Furthermore, WOO Ventures does not invest primarily for maximizing returns, rather its objective is to expand the WOO Network through connecting with projects and growing its involvement across the cryptocurrency industry.

How WOO Ventures Supports its Portfolio Projects

As the WOO Network is constantly expanding, it provides several unique benefits as a strategic partner:

  • Utilizing our network and marketing to attract users, as well as connecting projects together to form more strategic partnerships
  • Plugging projects into the WOO Network to bootstrap liquidity
  • Advisory support for projects’ protocol design, incentive models and tokenomics
  • Listing the project’s token on WOO X and its partner exchanges

Most importantly, WOO Network is committed to taking an active role in governance for its portfolio projects.

WOO Ventures Investment Highlights
  1. DODO (Q4 2020): DODO is a decentralized exchange platform powered by a Proactive Market Maker (PMM) algorithm. The platform features highly capital-efficient liquidity pools that support single-token provision, reduce impermanent loss, and minimize slippage for traders. WOOFi pools on DODO have traded over $3.6 billion in volume on BSC and $650 million on Polygon.
  2. Qredo (Q2 2021): Qredo leverages open source and permissionless infrastructure to provide a unique solution for cryptocurrency custody. Qredo builds user trust through receiving audits and offering insurance.
  3. Strips (Q3 2021): Strips aims to build interest rate swaps to DeFi, which will enable traders to efficiently speculate and hedge. Through using a virtual automated market maker (vAMM), Strips aims to simplify interest rate trading in DeFi.

WOO Ventures has made several additional investments that we’re excited to announce in the next few months. If you’re part of a project that is raising capital or looking to partner with the WOO Network, please fill out this form and we will be in touch:

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