GoDaddy collabs with ENS

GoDaddy collabs with ENS

February 7, 2024

I. Mainstream exchange news

  • Binance has officially listed DYM at 1:00 (UTC+8) on Feb 7, 2024.
  • Binance Futures has launched USDC-margined SUI perpetual contracts with up to 50x leverage.
  • Binance will delist ANT, MULTI, VAI, and XMR.
  • Binance will open JUP/USDC and PENDLE/FDUSD spot trading pairs.
  • Binance will support the Horizen (ZEN) network upgrade and hard fork.
  • Bithumb will list Gitcoin (GTC) on its Korean Won market.

  • The floor price of the Inscription Series Quantum Cats is approximately 0.25 BTC, which is 2.5 times the original sale price.
  • The Dymension mainnet has launched, airdropping DYM tokens worth over $360 million to users on Solana, Ethereum, and other platforms.
  • Fireblocks, the cryptocurrency custody platform, reportedly laid off approximately 3% of its employees.
  • The US SEC has postponed its decision on the Invesco Galaxy Ethereum ETF.
  • Decentralized social project Bluesky, backed by Twitter (now X) co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey, is now accessible to the public.
  • zkLend has launched a ZEND airdrop page preview, but the snapshot, which is vital for airdrop eligibility, has not been taken yet. 
  • Bitcoin spot ETFs saw a total net inflow of $68.11 million yesterday, with BlackRock ETFs accounting for 78% of the daily inflows.
  • Bifrost plans to launch BTCFi, a native Bitcoin pledge service.
  • Vitalik Buterin proposed five designs to reduce Ethereum's maximum block size.

III. Funding news

  • Bitcoin web3 infrastructure provider Omega completed a $6 million funding round.
  • Filecoin ecosystem liquidity pledge protocol Glif completed a $4.5 million seed round of funding.
  • Hedera has signed a $250 million cooperation agreement with the Saudi Investment Department and launched DeepTech Venture Studio.
  • Singapore's web3 startup Startale Labs raised $3.5 million at a $63.5 million valuation.

IV. Regulatory news

  • The US SEC has introduced new rules to strengthen the regulation of crypto trading businesses.
  • US Treasury Secretary Yellen stated that congressional efforts are welcome to create a regulatory framework to address risks posed by stablecoins to the financial system.

Merlin and B² spotlight BTC Layer 2 innovations

Merlin offers 1% MERL purchase eligibility to users staking ALLY or BTC, with a total token supply of 21 million and funding from 24 institutions, including WOO X, OKX Ventures, ABCDE, Foresight Ventures, and Arkstream Capital.

B², an EVM-compatible Rollup based on Bitcoin's zero-knowledge proof commitments, records data on the Bitcoin network with verification via a challenge-response system. It offers a staking event from February 5-8 with double rewards for a minimum 0.01 BTC deposit, with additional rewards for referrals and BTC OG status. Withdrawals will open in April. Users can earn points by completing tasks like linking DC, X, and TG accounts, featuring the latest interaction tasks from Meson.

Trump-themed meme and NFT investments retracing

Andrew Kang, co-founder and partner at Mechanism Capital, has revealed their early Trump-themed meme token and NFT investments for 2024. Following a historical peak of 2.95 USDT, the Trump-themed meme has currently retraced to 2.7 USDT.

Reflexer’s HAI airdrop ahead of Optimism mainnet launch

Reflexer Finance's stablecoin protocol HAI is set to airdrop on Optimism on February 12, distributing 22.3% of its governance token KITE to 18,034 qualified wallets. Qualified users include Reflexer Protocol users, individuals who used the HAI testnet, and Optimism governance participants with holdings over 50 $OP who voted more than once. KITE holders will be empowered to modify platform collateral and parameters in the future.

GoDaddy collabs with ENS

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) has announced a collaboration with GoDaddy, a publicly traded internet domain registrar and web hosting company. As the world's largest registrar accredited by ICANN, GoDaddy manages over 61 million domains and serves more than 13 million customers. This partnership aims to introduce blockchain domain names to GoDaddy's extensive user base, which spurred an increase in ENS's price to 25 USDT before settling at 22.7 USDT.

Intent-based DEX Voodoo conducts LBP

Voodoo, a contract DEX built on intent-based mechanisms, is currently hosting an LBP sale on Fjord, having raised $2.85 million with a fully diluted valuation  (FDV) of $13.12 million. The team, formed by ex-Binance and Solana members and supported by Eigenlayer with an audit by Peckshield, aims to bring a new approach to decentralized exchanges.

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