Empowering Wootrade: The first community content contest

Empowering Wootrade: The first community content contest

Create and share your knowledge about Wootrade to share $3,000 in WOO and awesome community rewards.

We are proud to announce our first community content contest. You can participate by creating engaging Wootrade content, sharing it online, and submitting it for review. To give you the power to leverage all your resources, we accept all types of written and visual content published on any platform: articles, infographics, Twitter threads, Instagram stories, or even YouTube and TikTok videos — anything that you’re good at!


  • Submit your entries before April 8, 23:59 UTC: https://forms.gle/YpY35BzH37kc2abm9
  • Multiple entries are allowed and encouraged, but only one prize per participant.
  • We accept submissions in all languages.
  • In recognition of the support we’ve received so far, participants can even submit pieces that were created before this announcement.
As an added bonus, the top 100 participants will get an invitation to the WOO X Beta*

Here are some content ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

  • What is Wootrade’s competitive advantage? Why will it be successful?
  • Why do you think WOO will gain adoption? What use cases are there?
  • The Wootrade network is growing fast. How and why?
  • Looking forward to WOO X? What is it, and how will users benefit?
  • Which role does Wootrade play in the blockchain ecosystem and where do you see it in the future?
  • How can Wootrade empower other DeFi projects? How does it connect DeFi and CeFi?

Have more on your mind? You are welcome to talk about anything regarding Wootrade.

How do we judge?

All the submissions will be reviewed by the Wootrade team based on the accuracy of the information, research, quality of delivery, creativity, and effort. Though the winners are chosen by the Wootrade team, the community engagement rate can also factor in, so make sure to share your creations with the world and support your fellow Wootraders with likes. Judging will be subjective but the team will attempt to identify the most accurate, well-designed, and engaging content in an unbiased manner. Although we encourage multiple submissions and value the series of short engaging posts as high as a well-written article, the quality of the research and presentation is what matters the most!

Othe terms and conditions:

By submitting your work, you are giving full permission for the Wootrade team to share them on all the social media channels and promote them as community content. The Wootrade team members reserve the final right to interpret the rules of the contest and make the final decisions on all entries.

Submissions are accepted: March 8, 2021 - April 8, 2021

Winners are announced and prizes are distributed: April 12, 2021

* The WOO X Beta invitation link gives access to the Digital Assets services on the https://woo.network. Due to country-specific local laws, only residents of eligible jurisdictions will have access to the product. If you are located or a resident of any jurisdiction where the services offered by Wootrade are restricted, you understand and acknowledge that you are prohibited from using them.

There will be a lot more news and notes coming from March — don’t forget to follow our socials to stay updated:

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