Don’t let scammers separate you from your WOO

Don’t let scammers separate you from your WOO

WOO Network and WOO token have made some waves recently. This newfound attention means that there is more focus on the token, both from people looking into WOO and from bad actors who wish to separate you from your hard-earned tokens.

To counter this, the WOO Network team and community admins have prepared several tips and reminders to help keep your WOO safe from scammers:

Never give out your private key — the private key gives full access to your wallet, WOO admins and customer support won’t ever ask for your private key.
Only you (or a trusted other) should know about your private key.
Keep your private key safe — preferably write it down and store it in a safe place.
Never give out your username and password — WOO admins and customer support won’t ever ask for your password or private key. You risk losing your account by giving away your username and password.
Don't click random links — scammers may try to DM links that lead to malicious sites and these sites may:
Attempt to install malware on your system
Trick you into giving up your username or password
6. Some sites precisely mimic official websites such as the WOO X website, so ensure that you are accessing official WOO related sites only thru these URLs:

WOO Network Website:


WOO X Support:

Be aware of fake WOO tokens!
One common scam is to create a fake WOO token with the same name. Check that the contract addresses for WOO are correct before buying any tokens on-chain:

WOO on ETH — 0x4691937a7508860f876c9c0a2a617e7d9e945d4b
WOO on BSC — 0x4691937a7508860f876c9c0a2a617e7d9e945d4b
WOO on HECO — 0x3befb2308bce92da97264077faf37dcd6c8a75e6
WOO on Polygon — 0x1b815d120b3ef02039ee11dc2d33de7aa4a8c603
WOO on Fantom — 0x6626c47c00f1d87902fc13eecfac3ed06d5e8d8a
We also created a repository of contract addresses below — we recommend bookmarking this page if you use WOO in DeFi applications for ease of use. We will add to this and keep it updated as the WOO token continues to evolve.

WOO Token Utility
Learn about what you can do with WOO token

There are no official free WOO giveaways or airdrops!

Common scams are to ask for WOO to be sent to an address and they'll send back double the amount. These don't work and you will get your WOO stolen. There are multiple variations, including fake podcasts and YouTube videos, Telegram communities, and mock websites, so be vigilant! WOO can only be acquired by buying WOO on exchanges or through staking/providing liquidity on several approved platforms, including:

SpookySwap WOO/USDC Pool:
Uniswap V2 WOO/ETH Pool:
Sushiswap WOO/USDC Pool:
Bancor WOO/BNT Pool:
PancakeSwap syrup pool:
Beware fake admins and technical support!
Admins will usually never DM you out of the blue — we either will ask first on public chat or reply to DMs sent to us. Here’s a list of all Wootrade Telegram and Discord Mods & Admins.

The list of official WOO Network social media administrators and moderators is confirmed and updated by the team internally and can be checked here:

WOO X support emails may be faked. Official emails are sent out from this email address: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Reminder, every transaction is final in cryptocurrency, once tokens are sent to a scammer there will be no way to retrieve these lost tokens, that’s why we urge everyone to be aware of potential scams.

The WOO Network team and community admins hope this guide has been helpful in safekeeping your WOO tokens.

For more info, be sure to follow us on social media:
Telegram Announcements:
The content above is neither a recommendation for investment and trading strategies nor does it constitute an offer, solicitation, or recommendation of any product or service. The content is for informational sharing purposes only. Anyone who makes or changes the investment decision based on the content shall undertake the result or loss by himself/herself.

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