Disrupting markets: An updated roadmap for Wootrade

Disrupting markets: An updated roadmap for Wootrade

Find out step-by-step how Wootrade intends to connect institutions and traders to become the largest trading network and platform in the world.

What’s in this update:

  • Find out more about the vision and scope of Wootrade
  • See what’s in store for later in 2020 and beyond
  • Recap everything that has led Wootrade to where we are today

Understanding the vision:

If you hadn’t noticed, Wootrade does things a little bit differently. The founders started with Kronos Research, a quant trading firm that routinely ends up as one of the top five daily traders by volume on all major exchanges. Next, the founders addressed the pain points they found with Kronos Research and are now building an entire network of liquidity and trading infrastructure. The goal is to connect everyone, including exchanges, OTC trading desks, institutions, wallets, professional API traders, and even ordinary traders who share a vision of deep liquidity and zero fees.

What’s new?

Readers exploring the roadmap will surely be introduced to some new terms and products. Here’s a quick rundown:


Wootrade’s trading interface will have an early testing release late in 2020, with a Beta version in Q1 2021 and an official release by Q2 2021. WOO X will let anyone have the tools and advantages of a top professional trading team.

WOO Labs

Wootrade was once in need of investment, now it’s time to return the favor. By investing in trading-related platforms, others will grow and take advantage of Wootrade’s leading liquidity and trading infrastructure.

WOO Oracle Service

When you have the deepest liquidity in the business, there’s a lot of ways you can put it to work for you. The WOO Oracle Service will be integrated into a number of DeFi applications.


In addition to the rhinos, other traders and investors will have the opportunity to stake WOO tokens, earning rewards and discounts on services within the platform. This will go online in Q1 2021 with announcements coming even sooner.

Wootrade Futures and Margin Trading

It would be impossible to completely disrupt markets with only a handful of spot trading pairs. Advanced traders will be thrilled to see futures and margin trading products coming online midway through 2021.

WOO Apps

What kind of apps can the most advanced trading platform in the world handle? One key app is an AI-driven wealth management product that should show up later in 2021. Fiat gateways and other investment tools will also be coming online down the road.

2021 and beyond?

In this dynamic industry, it’s dangerous to make bold predictions too far in advance. Still, Wootrade knows exactly where they are going, with regional expansions, plans to onboard at least 50 institutional clients, and a Series A funding round waiting to launch Wootrade to the next level.

Want a recap of how we got here? A quick timeline, from 2019 to present


  • Things started with a bang as Wootrade was formally established and the alternative trading system (ATS) went online, featuring mainstream digital assets such as BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC.
  • It didn’t take long to start providing liquidity support to Renrenbit, the very first institutional client.

2020 — Q1-Q2

  • The ATS, which we can now refer to simply as the Wootrade network, received major updates to stabilize the system and expand the product coverage with support for BNB, BSV, DASH, HT, OKB, and EOS.
  • Wootrade entered the DeFi space with partnerships with Injective Protocol and MOV, two decentralized exchanges
  • Hoo and Bitmart became the second and third exchanges to partner with Wootrade.

2020 — Q3

  • The tech team restructured the architecture of Wootrade to provide significant performance improvement and added scalability for future expansion. Flows were added from Kronos Research, which helped to push the daily volume over $5 million for the first time. More tokens were added with support for ZEC, LINK, and DOT.
  • Wootrade welcomed its first trading institution with the integration of Oneboat capital. MXC and Gate.io became the fourth and fifth exchange to integrate with Wootrade. Are you seeing a trend here?
  • The team began preparing for the token launch by updating the website, releasing the litepaper, and creating the Ecosystem Partner Program, which could help add key builders and media partners.
  • The WOO token private sale and equity raise began with key strategic partners and institutions taking part.

Institutional crypto platform Wootrade raises $10M in investment round

Wootrade, a Taiwan-based liquidity provider platform and crypto asset exchange aimed at institutions, has concluded a…



  • The WOO token genesis event brought the communities to life and saw the WOO token listed on partner exchanges Huobi Global, MXC, Gate.io, Hoo, and Bitmart. Subsequently, the token also appeared on DEXs including DODO and Uniswap.
  • The Wootrade network expanded to include WOO and TRX. With all the excitement, it’s no surprise that the Wootrade network broke through $15 million in daily volume for the first time.
  • The Wootrade Zealous Rhinos were announced as part of Wootrade’s B2B staking program. Rhinos would get reduced, zero, or negative fees for connecting their clients to the Wootrade network. The first five have already been onboarded, and now the rest of 2020 awaits further announcements regarding more businesses joining the program.

Well, that’s how we got here. With so many clients, partners, and investors already on board, the future of trading is looking more and more likely to be running on Wootrade. Be sure to follow the progress of Wootrade on Twitter and Telegram for all the latest announcements and updates.


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