CryptoStruct integrates WOO X

CryptoStruct integrates WOO X

In our pursuit to offer institutional-grade trading and data analysis, we are thrilled to announce our integration with CryptoStruct, a Hamburg-based algorithmic trading platform catering to high-frequency traders and market makers in the crypto markets.

This strategic integration aligns perfectly with our plan to launch a designated market maker (DMM) program, aimed at diversifying the liquidity providers on our platform. It forms a vital part of our business model revamp, which sets the stage for a higher growth trajectory, strengthening our commitment to providing a seamless trading experience.

Our primary objective is to ensure that market makers on WOO X benefit from low-latency access to normalized market data in a single format, making integration and scaling of their trading strategies effortless, which is now possible with the CryptoStruct algorithm trading platform.

Earlier in June, we unveiled our revamped business model, which builds upon the innovative contributions of WOO X to the market. Anchored in our core values and reputation for transparency, we are dedicated to offering trader-focused features that enhance the overall trading experience.

We believe that our business model revamp will yield a net positive outcome for our ever-growing ecosystem, encompassing our valued users, esteemed partners, and supportive investors. Together, we forge ahead, fostering a thriving crypto trading environment that meets the evolving needs of our stakeholders.

“We are very pleased that our existing and prospective clients are now able to trade on WOO X adding to our list of increasingly supported venues. Providing low-latency access to WOO X enables our clients to easily implement their trading strategies on this well-known exchange,” said Iain Clarke, Head of Sales, CryptoStruct.

About CryptoStruct

CryptoStruct is the go-to solution for algorithmic trading in the vibrant world of crypto markets, committed to delivering a smoother, more reliable trading experience. Established in 2019, CryptoStruct provides its customers with a cutting-edge yet user-friendly strategy development kit and trading runtime. This system empowers trading firms to devise and implement their unique trading strategies within an event-driven framework. As a result, CryptoStruct’s clients can seamlessly expand their trading strategies across various exchanges using this robust and fast system. The key advantage of CryptoStruct's offering is that it enables trading firms to concentrate on their primary objective: crafting profitable trading strategies. Additionally, CryptoStruct provides highly accurate, normalized, low-latency market data colocated next to the exchanges. Moreover, comprehensive tick histories are available for all supported markets. To learn more about CryptoStruct, please visit and follow us on LinkedIn.

About WOO X

WOO X is a trading platform for professional traders, featuring fully customizable modules and the lowest fee trading structure, complete with deep liquidity sourced from the WOO Network, which connects traders, exchanges, institutions, and DeFi platforms.

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