Crypto industry predictions for 2024 and further out

Crypto industry predictions for 2024 and further out

by DylTrg

A BTC ETF approval will provide a pump for the history books, however with Industry specialists currently giving it around a 90% chance of approval. A re-test of the announcement breakout area still holds a high probability.

The method by which the ETF announcements are made will provide valuable insight into the SEC’s stance moving forward.

1. Will all approvals be announced simultaneously?

2. Will there be an outright denial before approval?

3. Will they be trickle-approved one at a time?

The time between “ETF approval and ETF launch” will drain alt-coins. Many will abandon their long-term alt holdings. This will set the stage for a sustainable face-ripping rally as swollen BTC profits rotate into Alts, & speculations swirl on the next Trad-Fi adopted coin(s).

Launch date of the ETF to be a sell-the-news event, this will be very short-lived as demand proceeds to exceed expectations. 

It’s important to remember that BTC price appreciation from an ETF approval will be primarily driven by speculation on future Trad-Fi demand. This is what I like to call “The entrée pump.” The main course will bring a tear to Satoshi’s eye.

Organically driven from the origins of the “Hard Money” narrative, ignited by the fears of the exponential value decay to fiat currencies.

We’re in the final innings of the current monetary system, and on the precipice of a new one.

I fully expect a “1944 - Bretton Woods” type moment to happen within the next few years that will change the entire global monetary system as we know it today.

I don’t know what this re-shaped global monetary system looks like. I wouldn’t have a clue if Bitcoin has a place within it. This doesn’t need to come to fruition for the price to benefit from this narrative though. Increased speculation of it being a “possibility” is all that’s needed. 

One thing I am certain about is “if” we are on the cusp of one of the greatest wealth transfers in history, there is going to be some major fu*ckery along the way. Position yourself for the unexpected, there’s no way the suits are going to allow smooth sailing all the way to Valhalla.

Your only task is to survive. If you stay in this space for the next few years & manage to stay level-headed, I have no doubt YGMI.

Good luck Anon


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