A monthly Wootrade roundup: June 2021

A monthly Wootrade roundup: June 2021

Business Development

Wootrade announced the continuation of the Woo Ventures program, with Wootrade and Kronos Research partaking in the Series A funding round for SynFutures Protocol.

Wootrade also kicked off their ‘Partnership Series’ articles, helping readers to understand how Wootrade can democratize liquidity access for tier 2 exchanges.

Partnership Series: Wootrade’s Layer 1 Liquidity Solution for Exchanges

A deeper look into how Wootrade works with exchanges to provide deeper liquidity and full order book support at zero or…


Curious about how WooFi pools and 1inch works together to bring the best DeFi order execution at the lowest cost and slippage? Head over to our article to learn more!

1inch Network and Wootrade give users top order execution in DeFi

Both 1inch and Wootrade are committed to creating the most innovative and efficient trading environment for users…


The WOO Token

Burn baby burn! The monthly WOO token burn for June was completed on June 10, which set a new record for Wootrade, with 765k WOO forever removed from the total supply in these two transactions:



WOO sizzled into PancakeSwap! The #1 AMM and yield farm on BSC, PancakeSwap, is now offering CAKE rewards for providing liquidity on the WOO/BNB pool.

Voting took place for an increased co-investment limit of 750k BNT on the highly popular WOO/BNT pool on Bancor. The vote passed with incredible speed and a very one-sided 98% in favor of the increase!

Things over at QuickSwap starting heating up with impressive yields available. QuickSwap is the highest volume and highest user DEX on the Polygon network.

Rari Capital saw the launch of a WOO ‘Fuse’ pool, another spot for WOO holders to earn yields on their investment. Cream Finance also added WOO to the list of tokens that can be supplied.

Wootrade expanded its ecosystem with the WOO/ETH pair coming to SushiSwap on Polygon. Users can trade WOO on a layer 2 Ethereum solution, helping you to avoid those hefty gas fees!

The WOO BEP-20 bridge saw some action with AscendEX enabling WOO withdrawals via the BSC network. This creates a second access point to the BSC ecosystem as more utility is created for the WOO token in DeFi.

The WOO token comes to Solana! $WOO is now available to trade on Raydium, with liquidity also being shared to the Serum order book.

Token Address: E5rk3nmgLUuKUiS94gg4bpWwWwyjCMtddsAXkTFLtHEy


June saw the release of the WOO X Open Beta! Changes were made to improve spot trading, security, and other parts of the platform. API trading was enabled for users, adding a new potential method for users to trade. The Open Beta also saw major updates to the staking program to decrease inflation, now keeping inflation capped at 1% per year, and the introduction of new challenges to reward both long-term WOO staking and active trading.

WOO X Open Beta staking is here. What’s going to happen?

Find out about the staking benefits, rewards, and referrals happening this summer on WOO X Open Beta


Closed Beta users on WOO X were given a number of invite codes based on their staking tier, becoming part of our new referral program. By referring new members, referrers are entitled to commissions.

WOO X referrals: What to expect from the end of June?

This is the last call for the WOO X Beta registrations and an announcement about referrals — the only way to get on the…


KYC also came to WOO X in June, keeping WOO X in compliance with regulatory bodies worldwide and relevant anti-money laundering laws. Users can now increase their 24-hour withdrawal limit from 2 BTC by completing the process.

How will KYC work on WOO X?

Find out how you can increase your withdrawal limits and help WOO X continue to grow as a fully-compliant trading…


SOL, SRM, AAVE, FTT, 1INCH, CRV, RAY and SNX all joined the Wootrade family in June. Now a total of 42 trading pairs are supported on the network via WOO X with many more to come.

Beware of scams! The rise of WOO has attracted both good and bad players in the space. Wootrade published a PSA on how to identify and keep safe from scammers and how to not let them separate you from your WOO!

Don’t let scammers separate you from your WOO

Wootrade and the WOO token have made some waves recently. This newfound attention means that there is more focus on the…


Community and events

Wootrade official Discord went live in June, a great place to chat with team members and fellow community members, share feedback with the team, swap around WOO X referral codes, and ask any questions you may have!

Join the The Wootrade Network Discord Server!

Check out the The Wootrade Network community on Discord - hang out with 951 other members and enjoy free voice and text…


Building Wootopia (Volume 2) took place on Twitter Space, where our community got the chance to talk and ask questions to Marketing VP Ben Yorke, Julia from our Social Media and Marketing team, and Product Manager Morpheus Chen.

June also saw an AMA with dYdX Protocol take place with Wootrade’s Chief Operating Officer Ran Yi and Marketing VP Ben Yorke as part of dYdX Protocol's Market Makers series. This was a great AMA to learn about institutional trading in DeFi.

General WOO returns! The beloved community member General WOO went MIA in early June, to return to Twitter with the announcement that he has become a part of the Wootrade team.

In a spectacular display of dedication from community member @Keazz91 on Twitter, we witnessed the first WOO Tattoo! Keaz proved himself as a true Woorior.

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