A monthly WOO Network roundup: March 2022

A monthly WOO Network roundup: March 2022

March was a big one! WOO X Futures and trade-to-earn go live, WOOFi devs can’t stop and won’t stop shipping, and lots of other exciting developments!

It’s been a long time coming! Futures (perpetual swaps) are now live on WOO X! Trade futures with the lowest fees across the space, or even with zero fees for stakers.

If zero-fee trading wasn’t enough, how about getting paid to trade? WOO X launched trade-to-earn (T2E) in March, where WOO stakers on WOO X can earn rebates on their trades. WOO Network also matches a T2E rebate and burns it from the locked ecosystem pool, lowering the WOO token FDV, and creating a loop where users are pushed to trade, earn, stake, and add to burns in a never-ending cycle.

Have you been trading with size on WOO X? WOO Network’s ‘Whales of WOO’ VIP program was launched this month, an exclusive club of power users who will get the opportunity to work closely with the WOO Network team.

More chains, more options. WOO X is set to become your multichain hub, now supporting USDC deposits and withdrawals on both C-Chain and BNB Chain.

Listings, listings, listings! LEO, APE, IMX, GMT, and HBAR are now available to trade on WOO X.

March was a very busy month for WOOFi, and the devs couldn’t stop shipping! Kicking it off, WOOFi Swap, Stake, and Earn are now on Avalanche — the first step to WOOFi’s multichain future.

WOOFi Swap was audited by Verilog Audit.

DeFiLlama is now tracking WOOFi on Avalanche.

WOOFi is now on Yield Yak Swap.

The WOOFi UI has been upgraded!

WOOFi Earn is now being tracked on DeBank.

WOOFi’s multichain dashboard is live.

Yields are increasing for WOOFi Stake on Avalanche thanks to increasing volumes and the commencement of swap fee buybacks.

7 new vaults for WOOFi Earn were added this month, offering impressive APYs thanks to WOOFi strategists:

USDT and BUSD vaults built on top of Stargate (BNB Chain)
USDC and USDT vaults built on top of Stargate (Avalanche)
USDC and USDT vaults built on top of Platypus (Avalanche)
UST-BUSD vault built on top of Biswap (BNB Chain)

The WOO Token
WOO is now on Binance Liquid Swap!

You can now stake WOO on Binance Staking.

WOO got added to Binance Pay, and we celebrated with a Wordle challenge and giveaway.

Hasta la vista, baby! 1,888,108 WOO tokens were burnt in March for the February monthly token burn.

Voting is live for both a WOO listing and WOO X API integration on CoinStats.

WOO DAO partners with Thetanuts Finance.

More WIPs were successfully passed by voters in WOO DAO this February:

[WIP #6] Acquiring LP tokens with Olympus Pro
[WIP #7] — Providing liquidity on ref finance
[WIP #8] — Launching FNFTs with Solv Finance and Binance NFT
WOO DAO partners with Olympus Pro.

Business Development
WOO Network partners with Bifinity, powered by Binance.

AGBuild, the investment arm of quantitative trading firm AlphaGrep, published an excellent investment thesis for WOO Network.

Learn. Earn. Binance published a fantastic article and short video about WOO Network on their ‘Learn and Earn’ program.

WOO Force
Introducing WOO Force, WOO Network’s community empowerment program! Want to make crypto more than just a hobby? Join WOO Force today and start working with some of the best in the industry, growing alongside the WOO ecosystem.

WOO Force: make crypto more than a hobby
WOO Force is your opportunity to be more than just someone on the crypto sidelines, helping contribute directly to…

WOO made the cut for CoinMarketCap’s article of the day!

It’s about time we upped WOO’s meme game. WOO Network hosted a 4000 WOO sticker pack competition in the WOO Network Discord, where the community put their artistic prowess to the test for everyone to vote for their favorites.

Building Wootopia Vol. 7 took place in March, where you can listen in to the WOO team defining the future of WOO Network as Q1 draws to a close.

WOO at the Avalanche summit in Barcelona.

Craving some degen WOO coverage? Check out WOO intern’s new Twitter account.

We got a sneak peek at the very rare WOO Token Anniversary NFT hoodies.

We’re hiring!

WOO Network partners with Trader and influencer Crypto Ed and his “Bitcoin in 3 minutes” series!

Stay tuned for all WOO Network’s exciting developments in April!
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