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DOG and LADY could soon be listed on tier 1 exchanges

DOG and LADY could soon be listed on tier 1 exchanges

May 29, 204

Hot projects + Market overview

I. Mainstream exchange news

  • Binance adds BTC/MXN, XRP/MXN, ENS/USDC, and LDO/USDC spot trading pairs.
  • Binance Megadrop launches Lista (LISTA).
  • OKX Web3 wallet is available on the Taiko network.

II. Mainstream projects and trending events

  • Sei Foundation will airdrop over 27.42 million SEI to 43,000 addresses.
  • PayPal receives a crypto trust license in New York State.
  • Starknet introduces a $25.20 million token incentive program for outstanding projects.
  • DWF Labs transfers 5 million USDT to LADYS deployment address.
  • OpenAI starts training its next generation of cutting-edge models.
  • Semler Scientific, a US medical company, bought 581 BTC for its treasury reserve.
  • launches beta AI training platform
  • Trump considers if Bitcoin can pay off the US's $35 trillion debt.
  • The London Stock Exchange lists physically-backed Bitcoin and Ethereum ETPs.
  • Whales Market launches zkSync on its pre-trade market.

III. Funding news

  • Blockchain game developer Supervillain Labs raised $4.5 million, in a seed round co-led by Aptos Labs and Intella X.
  • Coinflow Labs, a Web3 payment provider, raised $2.25 million participated by Jump Crypto.
  • DePIN infrastructure Parasail raised $4 million from a seed round.
  • Oracle protocol Switchboard raised $7.5 million from series A, led by Tribe Capital.
  • SocialFi OpenSocial raised $5 million from a seed round participated by Animoca Brands. 
  • RWA stablecoin issuer Anzen Finance raised $4 million.

IV. Regulatory news

  • El Salvador's President discusses Bitcoin with Cathie Wood.
  • Trump “seriously” considers pardoning Julian Assange.

V. Popular projects

Market overview

BTC remains volatile, dipping to $67,277 and climbing to $68,700. Struggling to surpass $70,000 could mean an extended consolidation period.

Taking a long-term view, BTC's current phase is an accumulation period, with potential future gains fueled by pullbacks, though extended consolidation amid volatility could prolong this phase.

BTC spot ETF as of May 28th

Overall Data

Total net inflow: $13.38 billion

Daily net outflow: $58.53 million

Single-day turnover: $836 million

Proportion in BTC’s market value: 4.34%

Breakdown by ETF:


Single-day net outflow: $105 million

Cumulative net outflow: $1.8 billion

Single-day turnover: $369 million

Net asset value: $19.65 billion


No new data are available


Single-day net inflow: $434 million

Cumulative net inflow: $9 billion

Single-day turnover: $280 million

Net asset value: $11.07 billion


Single-day net inflow: $4 million

Cumulative net inflow: $3 billion

Single-day turnover: $88.21 million

Net asset value: $3.31 billion

New PEPE-themed memecoin PEW retracts after a 100-fold rise

The PEPE-themed memecoin PEW by artist @aguyinamemeswor has risen consistently since launch. 

PEW saw a 100-fold rise, peaking at $0.0(4)28 and retracting to $0.0(5)885. Its market cap reached $30 million and retracted to $12 million. PEW's on-chain liquidity is $2.89 million across 3,360 coin-holding addresses.

TRUMP reaches an all-time high

TRUMP, a memecoin inspired by Donald Trump, has hit a new high of $14.4, a market cap of $670 million, and over $11.99 million in on-chain liquidity. As the US election nears, memecoins linked to Trump, Biden, and broader national themes are gaining abuzz.

DOG surges over 40% in 24 hours

DOG, a leading project in Runes, is up over 40% in a single day with a market cap of $600 million. It's now listed on secondary exchanges, potentially listing on larger platforms soon.

On-chain Rune projects including RUNE, CATS, and SATOSHI are also gaining momentum. Spotlight is currently on the COOK project, which is in the process of token distribution.

LADYS up 35% in 24 hours

DWF Labs sent 5M USDT to LADYS' address, sparking community interest. LADYS is primarily listed on secondary exchanges, where most LADYS token holders keep their tokens. Benefitting from the recent ETH narrative, LADYS is anticipated to secure listings on larger exchanges soon.

On-chain Daily

  1. WAAC, short for Wrapped AyeAyeCoin, is recognized as the inaugural memecoin on the Ethereum chain. It was launched in August 2015, a mere three weeks after the birth of Ethereum. The contract was in hibernation until May 27, 2024. Upon discovery, it was promptly minted from the creator's faucet, speculated to be Linagee, one of the pioneers of Ethereum.

Current price: 0.055 USDT  

Historical high: 0.098 USDT  

24-hour increase: 378%  

  1. MOJO: MOJO is a memecoin on the Ethereum chain, depicted as a gorilla in the Pepe art style driving a car.

Current price: 0.00367 USDT  

Historical high: 0.0629 USDT  

6-hour increase: 39%   (Token launch time: 5/28 21:50 UTC  )

Current Market Cap: $3.4M 

  1. trumpie: trumpie is a memecoin on the Solana chain, featuring various body and scene swaps of Trump.

Current price: 0.00107 USDT  

Historical high: 0.00255 USDT  

6-hour increase: 4.9%   (Token launch time: 5/28 19:15 UTC)

Current Market Cap: $1M  

  1. MOTHER: MOTHER's idea comes from the famous rapper IGGY AZALEA. It's released using Pump Fun. Following Jenner, IGGY might spark a wave of celebrity token releases.

Current price: 0.0172 USDT  

Historical high: 0.0316 USDT  

6-hour increase: 2500%  

Token launch time: 5/28 21:00 UTC  

Current Market Cap: $17.2M  

  1. BTCB: BTCB is a memecoin on the Base chain, with a total supply at 21 million tokens, mirroring Bitcoin.

Current price: 0.226 USDT  

Historical high: 0.325 USDT  

24-hour increase: 100%  

Current Market Cap: $3.5M  

  1. NORMIE: Originally a memecoin on the Base chain, NORMIE was hacked, and even its Twitter was closed. The new coin is now community-controlled.

Current price: 0.0(9)77 USDT  

Historical high: 0.0(8)14 USDT  

24-hour increase: 20%  

Current Market Cap: $355K  

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