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Introduction to WOO X Index Perps - in partnership with GMCI and Wintermute

Introduction to WOO X Index Perps - in partnership with GMCI and Wintermute

The 2024 Market Landscape: With a crypto bull run almost back in full swing, traders are now seeking innovative ways to capitalize on emerging sectoral trends and narratives. From news of Blackrock’s tokenized RWA asset fund, to the re-emergence of crypto AI projects, and whispers of DePIN being the next big narrative, the current market landscape is presenting opportunities and challenges for both seasoned investors and newcomers.

Traders are getting caught in a cycle of chasing the latest flavor of the month, whether it's a new memecoin or yet another L2 scaling platform on Ethereum. It is clear that diversification is now the key towards obtaining continued exposure to the upside from these rapidly emerging sectors.

What is an Index Perp?

Index perpetual contracts, or index perps, combine a crypto-native, leveraged futures product tied to the performance of a basket of correlated assets. This allows traders to diversify risk while speculating on the overall performance of a segment of the industry, rather than individual tokens themselves. 

Common examples in traditional finance are the S&P500 or the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which are used not just as trading instruments but also indicators of the world’s economic health. Long-term, we believe indices on WOO X could also be used as a reference for the overall state of the crypto asset industry.

Index Perps on WOO X

WOO X has strategically partnered with GMCI and Wintermute to launch its own suite of crypto index perps. This launch marks a significant milestone as WOO X becomes the first centralized exchange to launch L2 and Memes indices, along with GMCI’s flagship index, the GMCI 30. 

With this partnership, traders on WOO X can expect these benefits:

  • Diversified Exposure: Traders can gain exposure to a wide range of assets through a single trade.
  • Enhanced Liquidity: Backed by Wintermute, one of the leading market makers, ensuring deep liquidity and optimal trade execution.
  • Strategic Collaboration: The partnership with GMCI ensures well-curated and balanced indexes.

Why Trade Index Perps?

WOO X Index Perps are designed for traders who seek to diversify their exposure with a single transaction, to capitalize on broader market trends and shifts, or to mitigate or hedge against the risks associated with individual token volatility.

It also serves multiple purposes for traders looking to analyze the market, such as:

  • Market indicator: Indices provide a snapshot of market trends and sentiment, reflecting the collective movements of their constituents.
  • Performance benchmark: Traders use indices to gauge the performance of portfolios and individual investments relative to the broader market or sector.
  • Research and analytics: Indices help traders to analyze market sectors, asset classes and overall economic conditions, facilitating informed trading decisions.

Enabling Traders to perform better

How about traders looking to deploy index perps actively in their trading strategy?

Depending on the nature of the trader, index perps can be utilized differently. For example:

  • Sophisticated retail traders

Individuals with a good understanding of the markets and perps trading, who seek innovative ways to hedge their existing positions or speculate on market movements can use index perps without the need to manage multiple holdings simultaneously.

Advanced traders may even hold multiple positions, such as longing one asset and shorting the index, to capture perceived upside in a token while reducing drawdown if the overall market struggles. 

  • Thematic investors

Individuals or institutions interested in investing based on specific themes or trends in the market can choose to trade on index perps to capture its upside.

  • Algo arbitrageurs

Traders who capitalize on short term market movements and arbitrage opportunities between the index perps and the spot underliers.

  •  News trading

Traders looking to capitalize on the volatility of upcoming news releases or significant industry events and conferences, can opt for short term leveraged positions in index perps to maximize returns while avoiding risks in individual token volatility.

Introducing GM30-PERP, MEMES-PERP and L2-PERP

WOO X is launching three distinct index perps, each with its unique thematic focus.

Here’s a quick look at these index perps and its year-to-date (YTD) trend of rise and fall so far:

  • GMCI 30 (GM30-PERP): A comprehensive index covering the top 30 crypto assets across all sectors by market capitalization. 
    • YTD trend: up 52.79%
    • Total assets: 30
    • Top 3 assets by weightage (as of Apr 10, 2024): BTC, ETH, BNB

  • GMCI Meme (MEMES-PERP): A thematic index focusing on popular meme tokens. 
    • YTD trend: up 248.97%
    • Total assets: 9
    • Top 3 assets by weightage (as of Apr 10, 2024): DOGE, SHIB, WIF

  • GMCI L2 (L2-PERP): An index dedicated to Layer 2 scaling solutions. 
    • YTD trend: up 30.79%
    • Total assets: 8
    • Top 3 assets by weightage (as of Apr 10, 2024): MATIC, STX, MNT

Getting started with Index Perps on WOO X

Trading index perps is no different from trading any other perpetual futures symbols on WOO X, meaning that traders can expect the same intuitive trading experience that they’ve grown accustomed to.

To access the index perps, simply head over to the trading page and click on the current trading symbol. On the markets list, navigate to the ‘Index’ category tab to find the index perps symbols currently listed on WOO X. 

For more information, refer to this step-by-step guide to get started with index perps trading on WOO X.

Trade Index Perps on WOO X now

We’re excited for traders to begin trading index perps on WOO X, and can’t wait to hear more on how we can shape and evolve it further.

To get started with trading GM30-PERP, MEMES-PERP and L2-PERP, head over to these links:




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