WOOFi is now live on zkSync Era

WOOFi is now live on zkSync Era

DeFi traders gain access to WOOFi’s best pricing on Ethereum scaling solution zkSync Era

The roll-up race

It has long been acknowledged that Ethereum is a victim of its own success. Rising congestion has made its fees more expensive than any other network and with nothing set to change until the long-awaited ‘Surge’ in 2024, DeFi is in need of a solution…

zkSync Era is striving to be that - a layer 2 protocol that scales Ethereum by bundling transactions together. Unlike Optimistic roll-ups however, zkSync Era uses zero-knowledge proofs to verify transactions without revealing data. What does that mean in English? You get the same experience as using Ethereum but with faster speeds and a fraction of the fees. Pretty nifty eh?

A comparison of different L2s by gas fees

A new era

zkSync Era has gained traction quickly, catapulting to $261M TVL, 9.5M total transactions, and 468K unique active addresses in a space of just 4 weeks. In parallel, the signs of a bustling ecosystem are already beginning to form with the network fast becoming home to a growing number of wallets, bridges, games, NFT marketplaces, and more.

A joining of forces

WOOFi and zkSync uphold similar values, sharing a mutual respect for freedom, self-sovereignty, and decentralization. These are the very principles upon which Ethereum was forged, and they are the same principles that will drive the mass adoption of DeFi in the years ahead. Our intention is to accelerate this outcome by deploying WOOFi on zkSync Era, combining their seamless UX with an unbeatable trading experience.    

WOOFi has already proven the competitiveness of its pricing on 6 chains, having processed $4.5B trading volume with no more than $10M TVL. Leveraging its highly capital-efficient sPMM v2 liquidity, WOOFi will bring its tried and tested killer price execution to zkSync Era on day one, removing the need for traders to wait until the ecosystem’s TVL catches up with other chains. So what are you waiting for? Head over to WOOFi and start swapping with the best pricing on zkSync Era now.

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