WOO X VIP matching program: exclusive perks for high-volume traders

WOO X VIP matching program: exclusive perks for high-volume traders

Are you the type of trader who craves action and isn't afraid to push the limits? If you've been making waves in the crypto world with your relentless trading spirit, then the WOO X VIP matching program has something extraordinary in store for you.

As a WOO X VIP, you will embark on a journey filled with exclusive privileges that will take your crypto trading experience to the next level. You will get;

1. VIP-Exclusive taker rebates for perps (30 Days): Elevate your trading game with exclusive rebates, available only to our VIPs for 30 days.

2. Top-notch affiliate program: Take your earnings to new heights with our elite affiliate program.

3. Merchandise galore: Expect surprises at your doorstep with our fabulous merch boxes.

4. Exclusive event invitations: You're on the guest list for our exclusive offline events and thrilling trading competitions. Get ready for a VIP experience like no other.

5. Direct access on Telegram: Join our inner circle with exclusive access to the WOO Network team on Telegram.

6. Your voice matters: As a VIP, you'll have a say in shaping our future product roadmap.

7. First dibs on new products: Be the trendsetter among your peers by testing our latest products before anyone else.

8. Personalized onboarding: Need a helping hand? Enjoy a 30-minute, one-on-one onboarding call (optional but highly recommended).

9. Customized perks: And that's not all – there are even more personalized benefits waiting just for you.

How to join the WOO X VIP Matching Program

Getting started with the WOO X VIP Matching Program is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Submit your deets: Simply fill out the form with your information.

2. Referral bonus: If an affiliate refers you, register for a new WOO X account using your referral code.

3. Deposit 1000+ USDT

Sit back and relax as your dedicated VIP concierge reaches out to you.

Who is eligible to join?

To qualify for this exclusive program, you just need to meet one of these criteria:

- VIPs from Other Exchanges: If you're already a VIP on another crypto exchange, you're a top priority.

For those who can provide proof of VIP status from other exchanges, we've got a particular spot reserved just for you at the front of the line.

The WOO X VIP Matching Program is your ticket to an elevated crypto trading experience. So, what are you waiting for? Join us today and unlock a world of exclusive benefits that will redefine the way you trade. Your crypto journey is about to get a whole lot more exciting!


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