WOO X partners with global top trader Pulsar to boost liquidity

WOO X partners with global top trader Pulsar to boost liquidity

Partnership to take advantage of the top virtual asset market maker, amid the growing adoption within Asia’s more open and clear regulations

To further increase liquidity, WOO X has forged a strategic partnership with Pulsar, a leading virtual asset trading firm celebrated for being one of the all-time most profitable traders on decentralized perpetuals exchange dYdX.

Drawing upon Pulsar's unmatched expertise in both centralized and decentralized finance (CeFi and DeFi) trading, complemented by its outstanding track record and profound insights into the Asian market, WOO X strategically ensures collaboration with top market-makers in this swiftly expanding region.

“Pulsar’s credentials stand out in our search for a strategic partner in Asia, which is becoming attractive for its increasing regulatory clarity. Pulsar's global track record and expertise in providing liquidity on innovative products resonate closely with our strategic vision. It's important to note that our focus at WOO X, lies in collaborating with institutional partners who can leverage WOO X’s capabilities to maximize their performance,” said Willy Chuang, COO of WOO X.

“WOO X's dedication to fostering a robust trading platform, enhancing liquidity, and driving innovation in CeFi perfectly resonates with our shared mission. We are excited to join forces with WOO and collectively advance the global crypto system with a focus on transparency and trust," Pulsar CEO Jacky Chung said for his part.

Chuang noted the positive appetite for virtual assets in Asia, as the shift in demand moves away from the West into the East, will likely propel industry participation in the region. This surge in involvement is anticipated to emerge as a key driver of virtual asset adoption in Asia this year, alongside the active markets of South Korea, Japan, and Singapore.

The latest development from WOO X comes just months after WOO X partners with Wintermute, a prominent algorithmic trading firm and digital asset liquidity provider with a track record boasting over $3.6 trillion in cumulative trading volumes, as part of the exchange’s restructured business model of onboarding top-tier liquidity providers since August last year.

WOO X has onboarded more than 15 top designated market-makers to date, providing liquidity for 80%-90% of futures volumes led by Wintermute, Selini, and Presto. On March 5, WOO X expanded its designated market maker (DMM) program to spot assets, aimed at further boosting its liquidity.

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