Top DEXs post record-high 24-hr trading volume post-FTX contagion

Top DEXs post record-high 24-hr trading volume post-FTX contagion

Arbitrum ecosystem dove bulk of trading volume amid market volatility

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November 10 - The 24-hour trading volume on seven out of the top 15 decentralized exchanges (DEXs) has surged to its highest levels in the past six months, with three DEXs also registering their peak post-FTX contagion levels last year, according to WOO's research.

Data from DefiLlama showed that as of Friday, November 10th, Uniswap, Trader Joe, Orca, Quickswap, WOOFi, KyberSwap, and Camelot set their six-month record high ($4.58B compared to $3.22B) while WOOFi, Camelot, and Orca recorded their peak trading volumes since November last year.

Big names such as Uniswap, PancakeSwap, and Curve Finance using traditional-style AMMs are still leading in volume with 65% market share, but more DEXs pioneering new liquidity models are pushing into the top 15. Some of these DEXs include WOOFi, Maverick Protocol, Trader Joe, and Orca - all with volume-to-TVL ratios of 1 or above. This allows a high turnover and improved price execution without requiring large amounts of passive liquidity. 

Cross-chain DEXes like WOOFi are a good litmus test for activity across various L2s, and Arbitrum is leading the way with 44% of total WOOFi volumes. 

“Yesterday’s extreme market volatility showed Arbitrum is still the lead performer in the L2 race, capturing six times the 24-hour trading volume of Optimism, and 25 times that of Base. That said, what’s clear is that Ethereum is still ultimately the end boss, overseeing more than twice the volume of all Layer 2 scaling solutions combined - driven in part by the volatility surrounding Blackrock’s apparent filing for an ETH ETF,” Ben Yorke, WOO Ecosystem VP said in a statement.

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