ASXN Report on WOOFi: An Unbiased Assessment

ASXN Report on WOOFi: An Unbiased Assessment

ASXN, an up-and-coming digital asset research firm, has recently produced a comprehensive review of WOOFi, focusing on the mechanics of WOOFi Swap and Earn, the sPMM algorithm, the WOO token, and more.

In writing the report, ASXN said every piece of content originates from ASXN. "We take pride in the fact that the information presented is unbiased and solely represents our findings and perspectives," the digital asset research firm said.

ASXN noted on a Tweet that WOOFi has actively pursued an aggressive cross-chain expansion strategy over the past year and has often been one of the first non-native DEXs on recently launched EVM-compatible chains, like Linea and Base.

"WOOFi is a cross-chain DEX where users can swap, earn, and stake across 10 chains. The DEX utilizes a sPMM algorithm to price assets, via the retrieval of CEX order book data and a sophisticated hedging mechanism for the market maker.

Many in DeFi are familiar with WOOFi Swap, but ASXN also took the time to discuss WOOFi Earn’s single-sided yield products. The Supercharger Vaults allow users to lend tokens to the sPMM Pool Manager without risk of impermanent loss, with the assets earning fees within the WOOFi Swap smart contracts.

On top of the standard implementation of the sPMM on EVM chains, WOOFi is also releasing a central limit order book model (CLOB) on Arbitrum and other EVM chains this November. “The CLOB is aimed at professional traders, allowing for more complex order types, use of professional trading interfaces and tooling whilst allowing those traders to self-custody their assets,” ASXN noted.

The final piece of the report focuses on the WOO tokenomics and the utility the token provides. This provides a great primer for people looking to better understand the token and how it fits into the WOO ecosystem.  

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