A monthly WOO Network roundup: December 2021

A monthly WOO Network roundup: December 2021

In typical WOO Network fashion, December was nothing short of a busy month! WOO DAO launch, WOO X on Android, partnerships with Avalanche and BitTorrent, WOO listing on OKEx, and so much more - all in this monthly roundup.


WOO X is now on Android! After much anticipation, WOO X Mobile is now on both major smartphone platforms, giving you access to best-in-class liquidity and the lowest fees in the space while on the go.

Listings, Listings, listings! WOO X added GALA, LRC, REN, and PSP to the zero-fee trading arsenal.

As WOO Network continues to make its mark in the Avalanche ecosystem, it makes sense we expand our support for it. You can now deposit and withdraw AVAX and WOO via C-Chain on WOO X.

WOO X also saw upgrades in December, with the addition of:

  • Auto-compounding staking
  • A revamped watchlist
  • Reduce-only order optimization
  • Indicators for open price and pending orders
  • Ability to cancel orders directly on the K chart
  • Other general improvements


WOOFi Staking is now live, already boasting almost $39M TVL and over 6000 stakers! You can now stake your WOO tokens on-chain, marking a key milestone for native on-chain utility and the foundation for long-term non-inflationary value capture for the WOO token. The WOOFi Stake code has been fully audited and replicates leading industry standards.

Bring on the aggregators! WOOFi volume saw a significant increase in December with 1inch integrating on Binance Smart Chain.

The holiday season didn’t stop the WOOFi devs from shipping, seeing a smart contract upgrade and the release of important features such as:

  • A new swap fee of only 0.025%
  • A daily WOO buyback, meaning more yields for stakers
  • A WOOFi Dashboard
  • Aggregator migration
  • The addition of more assets supported on the UI


WOO DAO is here! Phase 1 of WOO Network’s efforts towards decentralized governance in the DeFi space was launched on the WOO Network Discord. Around 300M WOO tokens have been allocated to the DAOs treasury to increase transparency and amplify WOO Network’s activities across DeFi. Join the WOO Network Discord to get involved in the governance process, and become a voter by holding at least 1800 WOO tokens on-chain, or staked on WOOFi or WOO X.

WOO Network announces formation of WOO DAO to support progressive decentralization

WOO Network is allocating around 300m WOO tokens to the DAO’s Treasury to increase transparency and amplify WOO…


The WOO Token

The monthly WOO burn for November was executed at the start of November, seeing an impressive 501,561 WOO tokens brought back from the open market and burned, forever removing them from the circulating supply.

WOO comes to OKEx!

You can now trade WOO with margin on KuCoin!

Do more with your WOO with Multichain (previously AnySwap), a highly popular bridge between Ethereum, Fantom and Binance Smart Chain.

Enjoy active LPing on Binance Smart Chain with WOO on SheepDex.

WOO is now one of only 24 assets on the Avalanche Bridge!

More options on Avalanche! Trade WOO on Trader Joe.

Business Development

BitTorrent announces their investment in WOO Network’s $30M Series A round, alongside a partnership and collaboration on various initiatives such as liquidity in both DeFi and CeFi venues and on the BitTorrent Chain.

WOO Network’s liquidity will now be supporting the development of the Avalanche ecosystem by bridging applications, users, and assets to the network.

You can now track your liquidity wherever your DeFi journey takes you, with WOO on DeBank!

WOO Network continues to push the mission of democratizing liquidity access in the CeFi space with a partnership with BitWell.


WOO NFTs are trading away on Opensea, with 3.5 ETH in volume traded and a floor of 0.25 ETH! A snapshot will be taken on January 10th where each holder of the NFT will be eligible for a unique 1 of 1 hoodie.


Exclusive WOO hoodies are here — don’t miss the chance to get yours!

100 exclusive WOO hoodies will be available for NFT holders on January 10


WOO Network is hiring!

There was a WOO NFT treasure hunt held by Project Galaxy, where users could stake 100 WOO on WOOFi to claim a festive NFT. The hunt saw the number of WOOFi staking addresses surge to over 6000 xWOO holders and around 35M WOO staked.

Stay tuned for all WOO Network’s exciting developments in January!

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