A Letter from our Co-founder Jack Tan: One with WOO

A Letter from our Co-founder Jack Tan: One with WOO

To our users and community within the WOO ecosystem,

This month, we are celebrating our first anniversary and I would like to thank everyone who supported us along the way, from our ever-hardworking team to the growing community that continues to rally with us.

The journey to year one is met with many challenges but our goal has never wavered: to build WOO X as the place where traders can perform at their best. I would also like to take this opportunity to express our vision around this goal.

Playing catch up

Our innovative industry combined with a decentralized workforce means long hours for the 200+ members, as we sync across time zones, checking slack channels and telegram messages first thing in the morning till late at night.

To succeed, we not only have to work harder but we have to do things differently and with better effect. One thing we did well was ignoring certain trends such as building NFT marketplaces or sponsoring expensive sports teams - instead, we chose to invest in better products.

We have learned a lot and progressed quickly, most of it was playing catch up. Our users want it all - the best trading experience, the highest savings yields, and the best launchpad projects. We are on track to deliver exactly those, the most loved platform for serious traders. It was a pleasure to see some of these come to fruition in the past year, and we will have more fun leading the market innovation as we enter 2023.

Vision of a meaningful life through decentralized systems

My long-term vision is a world where there is radical abundance and there is no more need to invest or trade. People will instead spend their time on their true interests and what they find meaningful.

We can safely say that we are far from this vision as the world becomes more lopsided, and governments are inevitably stepping into the decentralized financial system. This interplay tells us that the path is not straightforward, however possible. We are taking these challenges in stride and looking for opportunities to deliver killer features and products in defi and cefi.

While the challenges are many, our commitment has never been stronger. The bear market has given us a fantastic opportunity to assemble a strong line of innovative products, improve token economics/use cases, a world-class team, and an inspiring group of co-builders to drive us toward our goal of being a tier-one crypto brand.

Confronting innovative ideas urgently

Part of our culture is never settling for mediocrity, forcing us to confront new ideas (or each other) to find better ways to do things.

To understand how resolute we are, whenever someone on the team expresses concerns about short timeframes, my default response is always, “it’s irrelevant - we live in a constant state of being pressed for time.”

Users, token holders, and society as a whole depend on innovation in the financial sector. If we want to deliver, we need to be inventive and urgent in everything we do.

Strong ecosystems and tight communities support us

We are shaping WOO X to become more than a place to buy and sell digital assets, but one that empowers and supports users, where users will see a noticeable boost in performance.

We also have one of the strongest ecosystems in the world, led by our clients, investors, and partners like Kronos Research and Orderly Network. On top of that, we are also blessed by having one of the tightest communities led by WOO DAO, WOO Force, and WOOFi, helping the brand spread throughout the world.

I’m proud of what the team has accomplished with WOO X in only one year. As we enter 2023, the pieces are finally coming together for us to innovate on features like social trading and predictive analytics which will become an indispensable part of traders’ arsenal.

Come to WOO X and join our journey!


Jack Tan, Co-founder, WOO Network

Stay tuned for all of WOO Network’s exciting developments!

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