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WOOTRADE is successfully upgraded to version 2.0!

WOOTRADE is successfully upgraded to version 2.0!

After more than six months of stable operation and continuous development, we are happy to announce WOOTRADE1.0 is successfully upgraded to version 2.0!

WOOTRADE is an Alternative Trading System (ATS) incubated by Kronos Research. It provides our partners zero-fee trading and an around-the-clock liquidity unparalleled by others. WOOTRADE does this by incentivizing alpha-based market-making teams to provide their best available prices. We can generally provide a depth of 100+ BTC within a spread of 0.2%.

Since last year’s release of version 1.0, over 65,000 end users have used our trading depth through exchanges that cooperate with WOOTRADE. The daily trading volume of WOOTRADE increased rapidly, and we are aiming for exponential growth from here.

What are the new changes in WOOTRADE 2.0?

  1. Improved scalability
    After WOOTRADE 1.0 went live, market demand exceeded our expectations. To ensure the stable use of existing customers, new users had to wait in line. The upgraded version 2.0 can access more than 200 exchanges and institutional clients.
  2. Flow trading by Kronos Research
    With WOOTRADE 2.0 top quantitative team Kronos Research will deploy flow trading strategies. This will not only further enhance the liquidity of WOOTRADE, it will also provide improved execution prices for exchange users.
  3. Improved user experience
    We have always put user experience first and attach great importance to suggestions and demands from users. In version 2.0 we have improved the order book’s push speed and the frequency limit of placing and cancelling orders. Moreover, internal risk management has also been reinforced to ensure the safety of our users’ assets.

What is next for WOOTRADE?

  1. Leveraged spot trading
    WOOTRADE will provide users with capital leverage to increase the client’s capital utilization rate.
  2. Futures trading dark pool
    We will provide a futures dark pool function to our clients. We are currently in the stage of sorting out customer needs.

With the birth and continuous upgrading of WOOTRADE, we believe that the standard for acceptable liquidity should receive a major upgrade. I am incredibly grateful to all partners, investors, and team members of WOOTRADE for their support, and I look forward to witnessing a better WOOTRADE with you!

— Jack Tan, CEO and co-founder of WOOTRADE

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