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WOO partners with Walnut to bring top-tier automated trading experience

WOO partners with Walnut to bring top-tier automated trading experience

The partnership between WOO and Walnut enables users to take advantage of AI-driven wealth management services on the trading platform.

WOO X, the leading trading platform with best-in-class liquidity across CeFi and DeFi, has announced a partnership with Walnut, an AI-driven wealth management platform providing users with diverse choices of trading bots with different trading styles to maximize profit automatically without effort. The integration abounds with WOO X users’ choices when managing their portfolio, where users can now enjoy earning with minimal time invested.

What is Walnut?

Walnut is an AI-driven wealth management platform that democratizes the hedge fund and allows retail traders access to industry-leading trading bots to help manage their trading accounts. Users can arbitrarily choose different types of trading bots based on their preference, including scalp, trend, swing, and more. By utilizing Walnut top-tier trading bots, users can save an enormous amount of time and enjoy profit simultaneously. 

“While 80% of the markets are automated by larger players, retail is left in the dust without access to the right tools.  At Walnut, we provide the necessary tools for these users to take advantage of the market volatility while still enjoying their everyday life!” - Carl Sachs, CEO @ Walnut.

WOO X users can now connect accounts to the Walnut platform for 50% off their first three months using the code “WOOX2024”! The offer can be used on any bots provided by Walnut. WOO X's mission is to deliver users thorough trading tool packs, best-in-class trading liquidity, and effortless trading experience; the integration with Walnut further accomplishes the goal.

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