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WOO Innovation Hub welcomes BlasterSwap as new partner in DeFi excellence

WOO Innovation Hub welcomes BlasterSwap as new partner in DeFi excellence

WOO, an ecosystem of aligned products, including the WOOFi protocol and WOO X, a top global crypto centralized exchange, announces a new strategic partnership within the WOO Innovation Hub: BlasterSwap, the second-largest spot DEX on Blast L2, renowned for having the largest community in the ecosystem with 35,000 unique users.

"We're thrilled to announce the partnership between WOO and BlasterSwap within the WOO Innovation Hub Program. We aim to bolster the Blast ecosystem through collaborative initiatives driving mutual growth and innovation. Our shared commitment involves creating value for BlasterSwap users and WOO token holders while expanding our global network to foster a stronger community. As part of WOO's commitment to the WOO Innovation Hub, WOO is helping BlasterSwap with go-to-market and community growth,” said Abby Huang, Ecosystem Lead at WOO.

BlasterSwap began as a V2-style DEX and has impressively evolved into a comprehensive DeFi station. It boasts the first Blast-yield compatible V3, a launchpad, and an aggregator as part of its ambitious roadmap. Demonstrating its innovative prowess, BlasterSwap recently launched a community meme coin, raising 3,500 ETH in just 24 hours and attracting thousands of new users.

BlasterSwap unveiled its V3 platform, the first PvP V3-style DEX natively compatible with Blast Native Yield and rebasing tokens. This launch has already resulted in a 300% increase in daily trading volume. With the upcoming TGE of Blast in June and BlasterSwap in July, it's worth mentioning that BlasterSwap has been the most efficient spot DEX to farm Blast Gold and native rewards in the past months.

Launched in April, the WOO Innovation Hub aims to support promising protocols within high-growth sectors such as RWA, DeFi, AI, BTC Layer-2, and DePIN by providing expanded coverage and proactive assistance. Already in the WOO Innovation Hub are strategic partners like Merlin Chain, a leading Bitcoin Layer 2 protocol, and GMCI, a top-notch venture providing comprehensive financial services and index products.

WOO is an ecosystem of aligned products, including the WOOFi protocol, a leading DEX protocol with over $13B cumulative trading volume and 250k+ monthly active users, and WOO X a top global crypto centralized exchange - all centered around providing innovations and tools to users while creating more utility for the WOO token.

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