Wootrade and BitZ reach a strategic agreement to integrate into the Wootrade network

Wootrade and BitZ reach a strategic agreement to integrate into the Wootrade network

As part of the agreement, BitZ can provide its users with access to Wootrade’s vast liquidity network.

Wootrade has formed a strategic partnership with crypto exchange BitZ. As part of the deal, BitZ will obtain liquidity support for some mainstream cryptocurrencies, and provide its users with better market depth and prices. Apart from their cooperation in liquidity management, the platforms will work together to build stronger communities and improve their trading ecosystem.

“The Wootrade API is smooth and low in latency, which is sufficient to meet all our user’s needs, including high-frequency traders. It will reduce the bid-ask spread and improve the depth of pending orders to bring us to the level of top exchanges.”
- BitZ

Founded in 2016, BitZ offers professional digital asset trading services and has become one of the world’s most established trading platforms. The exchange has accumulated over 5 million registered users and currently holds US and Canadian MSB licenses, as well as other multinational compliance licenses.

Wootrade is a trading network incubated by top quantitative agency Kronos Research. It aims to solve the pain points of the trading industry including shallow liquidity, high fees, and poor trading environments by offering sufficient trading depth for B2B clients with zero fees. Wootrade helps exchanges, professional traders, and institutions gain the greatest competitive advantage in the cryptocurrency retail market. Following the upgrade to version 2.0, Wootrade launched leveraged trading and supports more than 16 mainstream digital assets, with a daily trading volume of more than $27 million.

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