WOO X and WunderTrading integrate for superior copy-trade, optimum price execution

WOO X and WunderTrading integrate for superior copy-trade, optimum price execution

The integration will allow WunderTrading users to trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies directly from the WunderTrading platform, leveraging WOO X’s powerful trading tools, deep liquidity, and zero-fee trading.

Experienced traders can now enjoy superior copy-trading and optimum price execution with the successful integration of WOO X and WunderTrading, a trading software that allows users to automate advanced crypto strategies and benefit from its spread trading terminal.

“We are excited to integrate WOO X on an innovative platform such as WunderTrading where experienced or novice traders can automate their trading behaviors. This integration also gives us an opportunity to showcase WOO X’s optimum price execution, which is ideal for automated strategies,” said Ben Yorke from WOO Network’s Ecosystem team.

“The integration of WOO X further strengthens WunderTrading’s foothold in automated crypto trading by providing our users with a wider selection of top-caliber traders for copy-trading and access to the best tools and services. We have already been integrated with 15 crypto exchanges including Binance, Bybit, Gateio, and Coinbase Pro.

As a pioneer of the spread trading terminal, we offer a range of features so traders can make informed trading decisions, including advanced charting tools, trading signals, and automated trading bots,” said Jevgenijs Latiševs from WunderTrading.

Why copy-trade?

As crypto trading requires a lot of research and time, copy trading allows a user to automatically execute the same positions of one or multiple other traders. The user’s account is linked with the account of the trade creator so that any trade is executed across both traders’ accounts.

WunderTrading acts as a gateway between a trade creator and a copy-trader where the creator benefits from the commissions from the copy-trader. The platform features detailed stats of all crypto bots or traders on the platform, making trading more efficient, transparent, and profitable.

How to build a trading bot for WOO X

Register with WunderTrading

  • Connect WOO X API (to use WunderTrading, users need to have a WOO X account)
  • Build your bot using the TradingView script
  • Send your Tradingview alerts to WunderTrading and they will be automatically executed on WOO X.

About WunderTrading

WunderTrading is a leading provider of cryptocurrency trading tools and services. Founded in 2019, the platform offers a range of features designed to help traders of all experience levels make informed trading decisions, including advanced charting tools, trading signals, and automated trading bots. WunderTrading is committed to providing its users with a comprehensive suite of cryptocurrency trading tools and services.

About WOO X

WOO X is a trading platform for professional traders, featuring fully customizable modules, and lower to zero-fee trading complete with deep liquidity sourced from the WOO Network, which connects traders, exchanges, institutions, and DeFi platforms. The WOO Token is used in the network's CeFi and DeFi products for staking and fee discounts. WOO Network was incubated in 2019 by Kronos Research, a multi-strategy trading firm that specializes in market making, arbitrage, CTA, and high-frequency trading (HFT).

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