Welcome to a new era of onchain perps: WOOFi Pro is now live on Arbitrum

Welcome to a new era of onchain perps: WOOFi Pro is now live on Arbitrum

The gasless CLOB DEX transitions out of a successful testnet with omnichain deposits, CeFi-grade UI/UX, and revenue share

Meet WOOFi Pro

Say hello to WOOFi Pro - an orderbook-based perps protocol with up to 20x leverage accessible to anyone, anywhere, via any EVM chain of their choice. WOOFi Pro trailblazes a hybrid approach, taking the superior UI/UX of your favorite CEX and combining it with the self-custody of a permissionless DEX to bring traders the best of both worlds. 

Omnichain onboarding

WOOFi Pro pioneers a novel approach to deposits, allowing traders to painlessly load up collateral by cross-chain swapping a range of assets from 7 networks into USDC on Arbitrum - in one transaction. There’s no BS. No hassle. No unwanted barriers standing in the way of you and wife-changing opportunity. Welcome to the future of DeFi trading.

More revenue, more yield

It’s not in our nature to be tight-fisted, which is why in traditional WOOFi fashion, we’ll be sharing 80% of the net revenue from WOOFi Pro with WOO stakers. This will be in addition to the swap fee revenue that WOOFi stakers already receive, so prepare yourself anon, because WOOFi’s real yield is about to get a whole lot more real.

An exciting road ahead

BTC - PERP and ETH - PERP are live with a slew of new markets to be listed in the following months. In addition, we’re giving a sneak peek into some of the exciting features you can look forward to with highlightings including omnichain withdrawals, trading rewards, and eventually RWAs. The mission remains the same: to build a venue where anyone can trade what they want, how they want, wherever they want.

Built different

Orderly Network is the underlying framework that gives WOOFi Pro the edge. Its off-chain matching engine enables gasless transactions, and traders get 24/7 access to an institutional-grade order book. Unlike other solutions, it’s also able to deploy vaults on multiple chains meaning WOOFi Pro traders will soon be able to deposit and withdraw collateral on virtually any EVM network. Traders who prefer to trade on NEAR however can continue to do so with WOOFi DEX which will remain accessible through the WOOFi Pro app. 

Trade like a pro

That’s enough talking. Now’s as good a time as any to try out WOOFi Pro, so what are you waiting for? Be one of the first to see with your own eyes what the future of on-chain trading looks like, only at WOOFi Pro.

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