New partners, new records, and new staking programs in this November roundup

New partners, new records, and new staking programs in this November roundup

On Nov 26, the Wootrade network set a new high with $27 million in digital assets traded on the platform. Large marketcap currencies like ETH, BTC, XRP, EOS, BSV, LTC and DOT are currently heading the list of the most frequently traded assets by our institutional clients on Wootrade.

For WOO token holders, the biggest announcement was the release of the ongoing Wootrade staking program on BitMax. Holders and early investors were able to lock up their tokens with compounding features to earn even more WOO. Read the full details on the BitMax website.

Tech updates:

  • New tokens listings: FIL/USDT, XRP/USDT, ETC/USDT
  • Continued development on WOO X — Wootrade’s upcoming professional trading platform
  • Launched Zealous Rhinos staking program for B2B clients
  • Internal backend updates to Wootrade’s trading network
  • The migration of the entire domain name to was completed.
  • The reset password function was added

Business Development updates:

  • Partnership with DODO: Decentralized exchange DODO welcomed Wootrade as a strategic partner and liquidity provider. Wootrade will play a vital role in supporting the DODO platform by minimizing slippage for trades of all sizes.
  • Partnership with AKG Ventures: Wootrade welcomed a renowned institutional investor AKG Ventures to join our Zealous Rhino Staking program.
  • WOO listing on Huobi: From now on, the WOO token can be traded on Huobi Global. After Wootrade co-founder Ran Yi attended the 2020 annual Huobi Partners meeting, Huobi became a strategic partner and co-hosted several campaigns.
  • Partnership with BitMax: Major exchange BitMax listed the WOO token and joined the Zealous Rhino Staking program. The integration will allow BitMax to receive deeper liquidity and better market prices. As a result of staking, BitMax will obtain reduced, zero, or even negative fees on their trading activity.
  • Listing on Delta: WOO was added to Delta — a Crypto Portfolio Tracking app. This includes Delta Direct, a way to push notifications and updates to WOO token holders on the app.
  • Released new roadmap: The team put some of their plans on paper with the updated plan. Read the full article for an explanation of new features and developments.
  • Metrics updated: Provided real-time metrics on the circulating supply to CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.
  • COO Ran Yi attends Dragonfly Capital event: Major investor Dragonfly Capital hosted a networking dinner for the founders of their blockchain portfolio companies.

Community updates:

  • Transparency: On the last day of the month, we announced we are making our Zealous Rhino node staking address public to the community.
  • Interview with Boxmining: Wootrade co-founder Jack Tan introduced the main features and advantages of the platform to Boxmining’s large audience. You can watch the full video on Youtube or listen to the podcast on Spotify.
  • Fenbushi Capital featured article: A new article from Fenbushi Capital focuses on Wootrade’s founders Jack & Mark, and their approach to finding success in the competitive blockchain industry. You will find the project’s backstory explaining what makes Wootrade so well-positioned.
  • Roadmap Quiz Contest: Our Telegram community hosted a quiz with $200 in WOO and Wootrade merchandise as prizes.
  • AMA with Huobi Turkey: Wootrade continued its growth in Turkey, an area that has a thriving Wootrade community.
  • AMA on BitMax: Jack answered multiple questions about Wootrade and their new staking program.

That’s just about it — don’t forget to follow our socials to stay updated with all the news from Wootrade’s upcoming plans in December:

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