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A monthly WOO Network roundup: January 2022

A monthly WOO Network roundup: January 2022

WOO Network made waves in the industry month with Binance Labs leading their Series A funding round with a staggering $12M investment. January also saw WOO token listings on Bithumb and Bitfinex, WOOFi moving into BETA, WOO DAOs first proposals passing, and so much more — all in this monthly roundup.


Some much-requested listings! LUNA, LOOKS, and ONE are now available to trade on WOO X.

Do more with your WOO in one of the fastest-growing ecosystems. You can now deposit WOO and FTM directly via Fantom on WOO X. The future is multi-chain, let WOO X be your portal.

WOO X also saw upgrades in January, with the addition of:

  • Dust converter! You can now convert small assets into WOO
  • Product localization, with UI translation into different languages to tap into more markets


WOOFi has moved into BETA! WOOFi Swap has now officially moved into its BETA stage with an enhanced swap UI and dashboard. Enhancements include:

  • A chart with kline added, making it easy to check the token price against the other side of the pair in different time frames while trading
  • A clearer indication of the WOOFi execution results compared to other AMMs. If the fee is in blue, you are sPMM’d!

A $100,000 WOOFi bug bounty is now live on Immunefi.

Get your Lunar New Year NFT! Stake at least 888 WOO tokens on WOOFi to be able to claim a special NFT on Feb 16.

Time for some WOOFi stats: January saw WOOFi surpass $130M USD in total trading volume, with over 50% of that volume coming from aggregators, and over 30% from arbitrageurs who are making the most of the CEX grade execution. WOOFi’s sPMM algorithm has also proven its superior capital efficiency, with a peak turnover rate of 600% — the highest across all DEXs on major assets.


WOO DAOs official mission statement is now live! Heard about WOO DAO but not sure how to get your feet wet with DAOs and decentralized work? Check out the mission statement as the DAO continues to make progress towards being a decentralized arm of $WOO Network, driven by the community.

Establishing WOO DAO’s Mission and Guiding Principals

WOO DAO is working towards enhancing community engagement to expand the WOO Network across the Web3 world

The first two WOO DAO proposals went live and were passed, with WOO DAO voting in favor of:

  • WIP #1: Depositing WOO into Uniswap v3
  • WIP #2: Liquidity mining on Uniswap v3 with izumi Finance

WOO DAO Treasury Management is now active, following the passing of WIP #1, with WOO DAO creating an active LP position for both WOO/ETH and WOO/USDC pairs, totaling 3M $WOO — earning revenue for the DAO and improving on-chain liquidity for the WOO token.

WOO DAO is hosting weekly community calls as well as weekly summaries. Be sure to check out the most recent summary, and tune in on Wednesdays at 15:00PM UTC in the WOO Discord.

The WOO Token

The monthly WOO burn for December was executed at the start of January, seeing 459,040 WOO tokens bought back from the open market and burned, forever removing them from the circulating supply.

WOO makes its way to Korea! WOO is now available to trade on Bithumb, with WOO/BTC and WOO/KRW pairs listed.

WOO is now available to trade on Bitfinex!

Business Development

Breaking the headlines in January was Binance Labs’ $12M investment in WOO Network, leading the Series A+ funding round. WOO Network is excited to be co-building the industry with the best in the business.

WOO Network is pleased to be one of few projects to have early access to ‘Gravity’ by CoinMarketCap. Check out our first article on their platform, or head to the WOO token page and check out the new chat and discussion panels.

Welcome to CelerNetwork as a new partner of WOO Network! cBridge now supports the WOO token across 6 chains.

WOO Network’s asset profile is now live on Messari.

The Quarter Four Report for WOO Network was published, offering a deep dive into themes, statistics, and analysis from the final quarter of 2021, as well as a look back at the progress WOO Network has made in 2021, and an outlook for 2022.

Understanding WOO Network: Quarter Four, 2021

Themes, statistics, and analysis from the final quarter of 2021, plus a look back at the progress WOO Network has made…


The WOO Token Anniversary NFTs were snapshotted and holders are now eligible to claim their unique one-of-one hoodie.

Got the WOO Anniversary NFT? Here’s how you get your WOO hoodie!

Were you a holder of a WOO Token Anniversary NFT during the snapshot? Here’s how to apply for your physical hoodie.

70,000 followers on Twitter! The Woorior army grows day by day, as our community hits a major milestone to be proud of.

Stay tuned for all WOO Network’s exciting developments in February!

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