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WOO X and RADIANT: Learn and win

WOO X and RADIANT: Learn and win

WOO X is adding Radiant (RDNT) for the first time on February 1, with both spot and futures listings.

Read on to learn how you can win your share of $2500 in rewards through Galxe’s token lottery.

Star-crossed protocols 

Radiant is an omnichain money market powered by LayerZero that lets users lend and borrow assets, on or between Ethereum, Arbitrum, and BNB Chain. The avid WOO ecosystem fan might recognize those networks are also home to WOO ecosystem products, including WOOFi Swap and the WOO token itself, but that’s not where the similarities stop. Both Arbitrum and WOOFi are believers in an omnichain future, and were early adopters of the LayerZero messaging protocol that connects different EVM networks. Both were a leading contributor to transaction volume on Layer Zero during its rise to dominance in the omnichain world. 

Furthermore, both Radiant and the WOO ecosystem have been vocal participants in Arbitrum governance, which was reflected when Radiant received a short-term incentive proposal (STIP) grant for up to 2.8 million ARB, while WOOFi received 1 million ARB of its own.  

Age-old allies on Arbitrum

The first time the two projects crossed paths was in late 2022, during WOOFi’s first quest on Arbitrum. The quest was called WOOFi and the Arbinauts, a play on the historical tale about Jason from classical Greek literature hunting for the Golden Fleece. Ironically, that quest lasted only two hours as over 10,000 on-chain participants completed the tasks on WOOFi, Radiant, GMX and Beefy Finance in record time. 

The two projects featured together again in Trader Joe’s Arbitrum Adventure II - a quest that took place in October of 2023. This quest lasted over 3 weeks, with some of the heaviest hitters in DeFi coming together to bring more users to the Arbitrum ecosystem. 

Most recently, WOOFi featured Radiant on its cross-chain carousel campaign, which rewarded lucky on-chain swappers who used WOOFi to purchase RDNT.  

Looking to the future

We hope that this kicks off an even stronger relationship between the WOO ecosystem and Radiant, as we push forward in driving the adoption of cross-chain technology. One area the WOO ecosystem would like to target is pushing Radiant governance to list the WOO token on its upcoming isolated lending markets, known as RIZ. RIZ is expected to go live later in Q1. In the meantime, WOO X hopes to bring RDNT to users trading both spot and perps in effort to grow more awareness and influence.

Ongoing campaigns:

Learn & Earn with Galxe’s Token Lottery: 100 users will each win $25 in RDNT, just by following the accounts on Twitter (X) and answering a few entertaining questions. Join now by clicking on the button below!

WOO X lucky draw: 10 random users who trade a minimum of $1,000 on RDNT-USDT (spot or futures) will win $50 in RDNT each, with 2 random users who trade over $10,000 on RDNT-USDT (spot or futures) taking home $500 in RDNT rewards.

About WOO X

WOO X, is an established centralised crypto Futures & Spot trading platform offering the best-in-class liquidity and price execution. 

WOO X has an average daily volume exceeding $600 million and is home to hundreds of thousands of traders worldwide. WOO X traders benefit from radical transparency through our Proof of Reserves & liabilities dashboard and the company's mission to maintain the trust of its growing community of professional traders.

About Radiant

Radiant Capital is building the first omnichain money market atop Stargate’s LayerZero, allowing users to deposit & borrow across multiple chains, seamlessly.

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