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WOO X and League of Traders Forge Strategic Partnership

WOO X and League of Traders Forge Strategic Partnership

This partnership is set to enhance user experience with seamless portfolio management and exclusive rewards.

WOO X and League of Traders launch special event to celebrate partnership with exclusive rewards and prizes for users .

WOO X, a global centralized crypto futures and spot trading platform offering best-in-class liquidity and price execution is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with League of Traders, a leading social trading platform, to enhance the trading experience for our users. 

This collaboration integrates WOO X's advanced centralized exchange services into League of Traders, enabling users to seamlessly connect and manage their WOO X portfolios through the League of Traders platform.

To celebrate this partnership, WOO X and League of Traders are launching a special event beginning on June 12, 2024. Users who complete tasks on either platform will be eligible to win a variety of rewards, including token airdrops, trading rebates, fee discounts, and cash prizes. This event is designed to engage our user communities and demonstrate the benefits of this powerful collaboration.

“We are delighted to partner with League of Traders,” said Ben Yorke, VP of Ecosystem at WOO. “Our mission is to deliver a superior trading experience, and this partnership allows us to extend our reach and provide our users with enhanced capabilities. Together, we are creating a more comprehensive and user-friendly trading ecosystem.”

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About WOO X

WOO X is a global centralized crypto futures and spot trading platform offering best-in-class liquidity and price execution. WOO X has an average daily volume exceeding $600 million and is home to hundreds of thousands of traders worldwide. WOO X traders benefit from radical transparency through our industry-first live Proof of Reserves & liabilities dashboard and the company's mission to maintain the trust of its growing community of traders.

About League of Traders

League of Traders takes social trading to new levels, as a digital asset management platform that gamifies crypto trading for over 70,000 users. The one-of-a-kind leaderboard allows users to see which traders are at the top of their game, and which trades they’re missing out on, blending innovation with practicality. Users can use the portfolio-sharing feature for social media to verify their funds, show off their skills, or peek at another trader’s portfolio through their League of Traders profile. The possibilities are endless with League of Traders.


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